The Freya Flare

God and GodnessPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-06-05 14:43:23

this is one of the greatest protection symbols of the Germanic tradition.
The symbol looks like a heart placed on a head.Symbol of infinite power and protection.
This symbol protects humans, animals, space from evil forces and repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. Often this symbol is also applied in the Vodoo tradition. It provides for rich crops.
Freya is the goddess of love, fertility, family, marriage but also of magic and magic. She also has the power over death and goddess of zestorition.
Freya is the Goodness, lover of Odin / Wotan, and is considered the mother of God Thor.
The flare means enlightenment, fire, light, love, symbol of cleansing and enlightenment, death and rebirth.
In many antique paintings, Freya is depicted with a burning torch in front of her chest. She has a falconry and a cart pulled by cats.

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