How to do a space clearing

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It seems easy to purify a place whether it is a store or a house. The best procedure would really be to analyze a place by an experienced person who can assess whether there are negative energies or entities in the house and what they are.

Very often, in fact, negative emotions or violent events that happened in the place can become impregnated in walls or objects and create entities that by living in these energies and negative emotions try to recreate them. The same applies to houses or shops built in places where there have been cemeteries or battlefields: even here often experts in energy purification of places are often imaged in lost souls that are souls who do not want to leave that place or continue to relive endless actions before death spernado to change the situation that led to his death. In this case I suggest you really rely on an expert and do not try to communicate with these souls and above all do not make exocism or do-it-yourself rituals because they could really be very dangerous for your psychophysical health. If nothing unusual or pre-emptive happens in your home or your shop, there should be no nefarious or disturbing presences and you will need only small rituals that you can do yourself. The first ethical rule of magic and esotericism is always that of not overestimating us and until you are really able to do a Clearing, do not do it and do not unleash forces that you then do not know how to destroy or keep at bay.

What I propose to you today are simple rituals and ways to clean energetically and esoterically a place where you do not notice negative presences or demonic manifestations.

These rituals purify a place after having spent a period of illness or in that place you feel negative emotions that often result in quarrels or if for example you notice jealousy and envy or even if you are in a period of change and then because it is good. It is good to purify your home and your work place from hardships and emotions that can bring anger and fear or if you are living in a somewhat unfortunate or melancholic period.


In each room at the 4 corners and in the entrance door to the 2 corners laid of the bowls with salt and leave them for 3 days. Check them every day and you will notice that the salt will have changed color and sometimes even form and compactness. It will be darker and the grains almost sticky or sticky almost moist to show that it has already absorbed the negativity present.


An ancient remedy is to wash the floor of places with pure water and vinegar - some people also add salt and grains of incense - starting from the room furthest to the door and ending with it and then throw the water out of the house. When you wash, try to be really focused on washing away all the astral and emotional dirt in the house. Drive away other thoughts. Some people use reciting the psalm 110 while they wash the floor or the prayer of the Our Father while others recite Mantra or other forms of prayer of other religions. Some imagine Michele Arcangelo beside him that accompanies him in this action.


The best known and most famous - especially in the Arab countries where it is a daily tradition - is to incinerate every room that is in your incense or in a saucer put a charcoal and on some grains of incense - tradition wants in odd and pure numbers - and partnedo from the room furthest from the entrance door, start to go around the rooms, focusing especially in the corners and holding the incense or the saucer at the bottom so that the smoke rises on the walls. It takes some time and remember to ventilate the house well afterwards! Finished in the entrance door and if you can also incensate from the outside.


Wash the house with holy water taken from 7 different churches mixed with hallowed salt. in this case you should be so forward in your esoteric preparation to know how to consecrate the ale alone because it is very difficult to find in churches. The washing procedure is similar to that described in the vinegar method.


The so-called witches really knew the meaning of trees and plants and elements did not have much help and products available as in today's world. So their knowledge was mostly passed down orally. They first used to sweep the house and throw the dust outside leaving it to be carried away by the wind. Incense but very often with using the plants that they themselves collected and dried therefore purifying plants such as sage or cedar wood sticks. They placed in the corners of the house and outside the home of pure and unprocessed crystals capable of absorbing negativity like rock crystal or onyx or black turmaline and Even inside the house and in their garden at the four corners often cultivated plants like rosemary. They never forgot in their formulas and prayers to thank God and the Goddess and lighted the white candles consecrated and prepared by themselves. In their doors were always hanging bunches of protective herbs and also talismans who prepared with their own hands with the products of nature as wooden pentacles or bunches of herbs and often in the front door they hid some garlic heads.

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The power of affirmations

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Affirmations are phrases that act on all levels by transforming ourselves and part of reality by creating positive or reflecting situations or features and eliminating negative ones. The most important thing is to free some of the beliefs we have and often are negative either by habit or lack of self-esteem or because we always fall into the same problem as if we were living in a well-defined and negative mental pattern. This is the main problem for which statements often do not work. All that we say or think of are energy vibrations that attract the same energy so it would really be useless to say something and at the same time think and believe the exact opposite.It does not make sense to believe that the statements act on their own but we really have to have faith and think continually in a positive way and never doubt the outcome. The more we have any uncertainties and the less doubts the statements will work.

It is also very important to know the outcome of the affirmations, in fact, if we pronounce them automatically without putting all our energy and the senses will never work. We must try to start the power of affirmations and change from the subconscious, that is to reprogram it to think and thus to attract what we need or wish and learn to recognize the first results for how small they are and not expect huge results from the first day. Using our imagination we will feel emotions and this is a valid help to be aware that statements are moving something in us. Let us fall asleep with the thought of affirmation and imagine the result as we lived it now and awaken us with this image and feeling. Let us look for when we have a moment for us during the day to take a minute to dive into our image and repeat our affirmation and above all we try to feel our sensation when an opposite thought comes to us and are attacked by the doubt or personal characteristics we want to change. Spiritual affirmations are like a great fire transformer.

Some examples to better understand! If, for example, we decide to diminish our impulsiveness when we are angry, we must imagine ourselves in a situation where someone makes us angry and react as and when we are calm. We can imagine a person who favors makes us angry and see us in front of this person who insults us and we look into his eyes and ignoring his words we are calm and relaxed. Let us feel the tranquility and calm in us and repeat ourselves: I am calm. I am in peace with myself and the whole world. I'm fine and I'm quiet. Of course at the beginning it will not be easy because the anger will attack us but let's get used to thinking of this statement even in front of the person who springs it.

Another example if we need it and really want more money we must first try to find out where we are wrong. Do we earn little or spend too much? Let's find out where the problem was. If the problem is a job where we gain little then is the solution going to look for another job or wanting an increase in the current job? If, for example, we decide to want a second job then do we want to use your interests and hobbies or do we want to be hired?

For example, if we decide to open an online store then we have to do two things. focus on opening it in practice and immediately imagine selling and cashing.

the affirmations? I gain by selling my products. my products attract customers. I'm positive and my shop is interesting. I work honestly and people recognize and love my products. my customers love the products I offer. I love my job and earn so much money


The first rule is of course not to wait for the change from one day to another and also to expect that the statements solve all of our problems without us really believing and we are committed to realizing them in practical life. We analyze how we can change the situation in practice and the mistakes we have made so far.

The second rule is to formulate statements with calm and attention following the scheme:

foRmulate affirmations only with positive phrases and positive words

DO NOT use phrases like I do not want or are not words like nothing and nothing or ever

use only the present time as if the purpose for which the statements were being made is now being realized or has just been realized

do not make statements that can not correspond to reality or that are selfish and manipulative towards other people

the most effective statements are those we formulate individually

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INTROSPEKTION: the first step towards magic and spirituality

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INTROSPEKTION: the first step towards magic and spirituality.

The first important step towards true knowledge of ourselves and our abilities is introspection. A technique that allows us to have the true knowledge of our unconscious and subconscious and in the future gives us the ability to discern sensations, energies, prejudices and thoughts from that of unknown entities but also to strengthen our character.

This technique was widely explained by the great occultist Franz Bardon, one of the fathers of true esoteric and spiritual knowledge that left us some legacy.

For good reason he argued that introspection is the basis of knowledge and you will see it yourself because it will awaken in you memories and feelings. Imagine yourself as if you were to conduct a self-analysis of yourself and be honest and over-critical and above all take time. I always remind you that the rush of wanting to learn and wanting to attain the tangible results right now is the worst way to make an esoteric and spiritual journey whatever it is.

The exercises I will give you take time, do it when you hear it without a specific time, but do it constantly and above all remember that even when - a long day away - after years of experience and study, you will have deep knowledge these exercises should be repeated not only control the development of your abilities even in order not to fall into typical mistakes such as becoming too material or too sure of how to work and flaunt.

The first rules in every magical tradition are those of knowledge, will and knowing to be silent but also humble and not to judge. The first 10 days do these exercises without thinking but impulsively, try to write just what you feel at the moment and you come to mind without thinking about the reason or when something has happened. You must come out of your subconscious and do not be surprised do not be ashamed.

Take a notebook and divide each sheet into 3 parts in a horizontal line: in the first part write down what are your positive sides, in the second part your negative sides, and in the third part those that you can not catalog or that might be part of all categories. Warning: this is YOUR FRAME, so be extremely honest with yourself and do not let anyone read and always write down the date.

After this stage do the same exercise but write yourself consciously thinking and reflecting on your positive, negative and neutral qualities. This phase will last about a month and at this stage you only think about your qualities without reflecting on the cause of the quality and how you use the qualities. You will find that some sides of your personality sometimes seem to disappear and return in life.

The third stage is the hardest and in some aspects of the most painful sight because this time the phase is longer and is the final one that will open many channels. At this stage you have to stand for each quality not only to reflect but to analyze the various situations where you had to use these qualities. So for each quality you have to go back in time and rethink to various situations and circumstances and the reasons that made you use your character qualities - especially the bad ones.

Take so much time for this stage and do a deep analysis always asking why you are so and what were the circumstances - what did you think at the time and what made you use the qualities and could you change something or were you forced? would you do it now? Are these qualities innate in you or did you have to develop them in life and for what reason? You are not judging yourself but rediscovering and accenting yourself.

Imagine that you are in front of a mirror mirrored finishing mirrors and slowly discover a part of yourself and you can only see yourself with your imperfections.

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Jeremiel- Remiel

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Often confused with the prophet Jeremiah is an archangel of apocryphal books, that is, books that were not recognized as sacred by Christian and Jewish traditions.

Over the centuries the Church did not approve the devotion of the faithful to the angels and decided during the various canonical councils to "drop some of them into the role of fallen angels" and in some traditions Geremiel was one of them. Also the name starting with J is not of Jewish origin in Aramaic but the original name would be Geremiel. In the Eastern Orthodox Church is recognized as an angel and his name means: God's mercy or God's fortress. He is considered the one who helps the souls of the living and the traversed to re-examine their own lives. In the various recognized Biblical traditions and not Jeremiel was an angel that often God sent to Israel to answer the questions of men and bring his message not only in word form but also in dreams and visions as he did with Baruch and Eszra.

In Ethiopian Enochian tradition it is called Ramiel and is considered Angel of hope that gives us divine visions and inspiration and is minister of souls who want to ascend to heaven and lord of souls who want to ascend to heaven. He was the one whom God poses above in fact, all those who arise are the one who carries the souls of the faithful into Paradise. His name would also mean: lightning sent by God.

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Beautiful prayer of Haziel, angeologist and French writer on the angel - genius of the Jewish cabbal Sehaliah, to whom I feel immensely bound by having given as my second name to my own baby Sehaliah. Also known as Seheliah and Saeliah, his name is formed by the Hebrew letters Sitael Alef Lamed Yod He and means "God of all things."

From prayer - invoking Haziel:

SEHALIAH, Lord, I feel ripe, like a sun

which needs to spread its seed into the Universe

and you have to help me so that I do not manifest myself

ruthlessly the Virtues,

but my bright sphere emanates

only what is useful to Creation.

Lord, SEHALIAH, do it with me

who is moved by the ardent desire to serve

can be fully realized,

and also that, with my action,

mature the good seed.

O SEHELIAH, do not let my temper

you express yourself with excesses.

That my summers are not too torrid

nor my winters too rigid.

Lord, let me always act in unison

with the cosmic beat

and that everything can be found,

through me, your perfect orbit,

its alignment with the Universe.

Sehaliah, angel 45, born 3 to 7 November. and the fifth angelic ray in the Solar Chorus of the Virtue Angels, in which he administers the energies of the Sun. Its element is the Water; has Zodiacal residence from 10th to 15th of Scorpio and is the Custodian Angel of the Born from 3 to 7 November.

His regency days are:

May 5: Joy

July 19: love

October 1: Shifts

December 12: Joy

February 21: Desire

and he rules daily from 14.40 to 15.00: healing, knowing, achievements

The traditional prayer to Sehaliah is the 18th verse of Psalm 93: It dicebam "Motus est pes meus," Your mercy, O Lord, sustentabat me (When I said, "My foot is slipping, 'your grace, Lord, I He claimed).

The six Scorpion Guard Angels are geniuses that make their born complex, determined, strong-bodied people, and a free spirit that is not left to dominate. The gift he has given is the promotion and the will that has been rediscovered.

The Virtues are a chorus whose name means courage and is governed by Archangel Raffaele who is He who heals from all evil.

Calling Strengths, Virtues assume the task of guiding peoples and groups of people. Their pursuit imitates God and accepts divine principles They are the inspiration of knowledge and culture. They define the characteristics of the elements of creation by allowing it materialization and manifestation.

Sehaliah, a solar angel, as the sun purifies what is obscure, making it bright and pure, in fact, he is capable of transforming and purifying our spirituality in action and health. A healer also of our soul that gives us the privilege of discerning good from evil, fosters learning, helps us channel our energy for altruistic purposes, gives vitality and health, is called to help in overcoming evidence and obtaining economic well-being honest way. It gives us the ability to confuse the wicked and transform the evil into goodness, endurance, humility, love and search for truth, protection of nature and living beings.

The Angel of the Abyss opposite him is called Nominon and represents pride; tyranny, eccentricity, acts that cause calamities and damaging atmospheres.

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STEP 1 How to convey and help healing through our energy?

Psychic schoolPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-10-03 21:15:47

Surely you have already heard about terms like PRANA AND CHI-KI, which are nothing but our own energy and universal energy.

There are many ways to channel our energy and let it flow through your hands.

Of course, for those who are now facing the world of alternative healings or still being a beginner this may seem like an easy thing but in fact it is not. Everything requires a profound knowledge not only of the body but of ourselves and of the obligatory steps: even if you can already perceive your energy you have to learn to channel it and use it but also to reload it and above all to protect yourself from the energies of others and to load these energies.

So within ourselves there must be a perfect acceptance of ourselves and a balance harmonized between body and psyche.

Even the only knowing how to channel and let the energy flow does not mean that it works: at the base there must always be the free will and the pure desire to help and to be able to do it. Let's start with an exercise that you will know, that is to recognize your energy. Sit in a silent place with your eyes closed and breathe deeply for about 10 seconds. then after you breathe, hold for about 2-3 seconds the air trying to feel how a bright ball of energy is formed between you and your heart. do this exercise 3 or 5 times and then imagine that this ball goes straight to your hands. rub your hands until you feel a tingling or heat and with time you will feel this ever-stronger energy in you crossing your body and limbs until you get to your hands. now distance your hands a few inches and feel the energy ball between them.

Begin your journey with this exercise without too much pretending to yourself and without waiting for results right away and do not rush.

The first few weeks sent this sphere of energy into the universe. Do not use it again to help yourself or other people. Be very careful about the feelings you experience when doing the exercises as well as the environment. A quiet environment with little stimulation and ventilated is optimal. You have to be calm and mind yourself and relax. You do not have to get rid of negative feelings or let images of negative or unpleasant situations alter your emotions. You need to focus and feel only yourself and your breath and energy. If you are sick or hasty or want to have results with strength your energy will be of insignificant quality.

To recharge your energy, you will have lost using methods. One is to stand up with arms raised and legs slightly dissected and absorb the sun or moon energy. Another method is to walk barefoot in the countryside or in a wood or sit back with a tree back. Here too is the rule of not thinking and focusing on what you are doing and hearing. Nature works for us and with us, but we also have to work on it. We also learn immediately after each healing to shake hands as if to throw away the residues of our energy and those we absorbed and wash them with cold running water. The best would be with sea water or river.

With the passing of weeks we introduce a variation: when you have your energy ball in your hands try to distance your hands so that the ball slowly spreads. You will hear yourself when the right time has come because your hands will be warmer and heavier. Another important thing to work on is electromagnetism: even in our hands as in the body and in nature we are equipped with electric and magnetic poles. As we are living batteries we also usually have the electrical pole in the left hand and the magnetic in the right hand. If we are left behind will be the opposite. The electric hand is therefore the hand that gives energy while the magnetic is the one that receives it. so we will often realize that energy has to be balanced and that the magnetic hand is the one that absorbs the energies of others altogether. Try doing an exercise: put your hands about 1 centimeter over a stone or over a flower and relax while waiting and not trying to feel the energy of the stone or flower flowing to you. Never force feelings!

An important exercise for downloading excessive energy but also getting used to breathing in the right way is a breathing exercise: relaxed, we seek inspiration to imagine introducing into us a bright energy that expands in our body. then we hold the air for a few seconds imagining that a fog is formed in us, that is, dark energy that is formed by our negative feelings and harmful energies. When we expose we visualize and feel how these energies come out of us and let them go away like a cloud of smoke that will endure on their own.

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TELEPATHY: what is and how to develop it

Psychic schoolPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-09-14 21:47:39
TELEPATHY: what is and how to develop it

Telepathy is a form of extrasensory perception and transmission of images or mental thoughts between people or persons or animals, without the use of other senses.

Very often it is an uncontrollable faculty for those who have received this gift since birth. Learning to communicate telepathically requires years and continuous exercises, and above all, a high level of concentration and profound knowledge and acceptance of oneself.

You have to learn as soon as you start concentrating all your energies on thought and your mental capacity. Do not expect too much expectations in a hurry. Be positive and convinced you can succeed but practice with steadfastness and dedication. Relax and do not argue.

One of the simplest methods to begin developing telepathy is in the road as you walk.

Let's start looking carefully at the back of a person walking and mentally ordering the person to turn around: repeat the sentence: GIRATI DEVI GIRARTI. The first few months maybe the person will not turn but will feel observed but with the practice the person will react to the command. You can do this exercise even if you stand in front of a person and look in the middle of your eyebrows - the third eye seat.

Exercises with another person:

Exercise 1: We need a person who sends an image - sender - and one receiving it - receiving. Initially you could do a very simple exercise: draw 2 different shapes on a sheet and cut them and look at them silently trying not to betray emotions. Then place the sheet on a table and leave the white part of the sheet in front of you and look in your eyes. Relax deeply and quietly and slowly the sender should concentrate only on a figure as he sees it in front of himself and looks at him looking for not to think. the receiver must try to emulate the mind and not recreate the images seen: the receiver is passive and open without straining to receive or conjure images or thoughts. When this exercise will work after so many attempts with different figures we begin to increase the number of figures and continue to exercise constantly. Always try to be in no hurry to exaggerate.

Exercise 2: The sender has to think of an image or figure that triggers emotions but he must also try not to let the emotions out. the receiver must be able to capture emotions because every sensation and emotion generate electromagnetic energies and waves. Here too the receiver must be passive and try to feel and not to reflect on what emotion or feeling the sender is concentrating on.

Only after working on a series of emotions the sender has to think of a spell that evokes emotion and focuses both on the image and emotion as it is in the image. It is not easy, in fact, in the early stages of landscapes you know and to which you are linked by particular situations or people.

This time the receiver must be able to describe something in the picture. Do not believe in the first attempts to describe a full and detailed image because this process will last many months of hard work so do not be discouraged.

Important is when you do the exercises to turn off all the electronic instruments.

You have to be undisturbed then turn off cell phones and TVs and stereo.


As you spend time, you will begin to notice that some thoughts and images that you suddenly feel and appear before and are not yours.

Do not be scared: Your gift is beginning to grow and interiorize.

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Pink colour in the aura

Psychic schoolPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-09-12 11:50:07


Pink is often found in the auras - emotional aura - of teenagers and children.

It indicates immaturity, joy, need and desire to play, naivety, harmony, altruism, simplicity, fun, love for other people and ones, purity, sincerity, being oneself.

In adults, the pink color assumes meaning with different variations: desire to get out of solitude and to create new friendships and love.

If the rose is percolated by streaks or yellow dots we have to wait for a person who at that moment is selfish so let's look into looking at the other colors of his gold where this selfishness can arise and if it hides more behind it. If the rose has reddish strokes denotes a form of cynical and sarcastic fun.

The red mixed with red and blue indicate a scary person, an inexplicable fear that can result in panic attacks and anxiety while at body level shows psychosomatic nighttime disturbances and sleep disturbances.

The rose near the chakra of the crown and the third eye can denote great love and great charity, sincere intentions, seeking pure-hearted people. If the rose is accompanied by a light blue show a person with a great inner faith that often does not match practicing a religious faith, but also a calm and tranquil soul, innate healing abilities and high spirituality. Pink is the color of hope, growth, renewal, people dedicated to humanitarian purposes, or safeguarding the environment.

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Blue color in the aura

Psychic schoolPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-09-10 11:26:16


The blue color indicates intellectual and spiritual faculties. Indicated as a cold color that evokes calm, calm and silence. Symbolize proximity to tranquility, altruism, mental openness, continuous evolution.

You must always interpret the colors together and observe the proximity of the chakras and the golden field, but also the quality of the aura. Even in psychology, blue color represents acute sensation, peace, inner calm, and is a color that was used in chromotherapy to relax and calm the minds but also as an anti-inflammatory aid.


A bright blue indicates a witty person.

A pale almost celestial indicates a shy, indecisive, reserved, discreet person.

In contrast, dark blue indicates a great innate and spontaneous spirituality of mysticism and healing. It indicates a person with a great moral strength, duty, who continually strives to grow and broaden his / her knowledge.

A too dark blue indicates a lunatic person, not compliant with judgments or thoughts, dominant and with dictatorships.

Be aware that the blue color shading with dots or shades or reddish streaks indicates stubbornness, obstinacy, selfishness, a person who does a few scruples to get what he wants.

The blue with the presence of gray color shows us a person who either is or is temporarily discouraged, pessimistic, often indicating a discomfort or a psychological disorder.

Blue, sky-color: a beautiful color with an intense meaning. Honesty and sincerity, a person with great moral and idealist values, aspiring to universal peace. People who present this color in the third eye and crown chakra often have problems with pollution by developing allergies. They often deal with nature and environment.

The problems of these people are balancing and reconciling daily life with the spiritual life and often questioning themselves and becoming influencing.

Light blue with pink or golden styles shows us the highest forms of esotericism and spirituality, a very deep and pure inner faith, an old soul with a special mission in the earthly world that transcends material, intense energy, innate mysticism, high divine gifts .

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The triangle in magic

Psychic schoolPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-09-08 11:59:29

The TRIANGLE in magic has a very special and important meaning.

Its greatest significance in the ceremonial magic is the concretization - the materialization - the manifestation. In fact, outside of the protective circle, a triangle is placed in which order is ordered for any non-required entities from the ritual to manifest itself and be almost imprisoned in the triangle.

In practice magic and desire, the triangle is the symbol of the realization of desire. They will write their desires on a small trap cut out in the vegetable parchment and they will burn in the flame of a candle focusing on success. Be careful not to write unmistakable or selfish ego desires.

Very often, seals or magic formulas or prayers are written on a virgin parchment triangle.

The triangle encloses an ancient and profound symbolism in almost all the magical and esoteric traditions. Symbol of the union of the mind-body-spirit, then the connection with the Divine and the four elements (air-ground-fire-water).

But turning to numerology, its 3 sides demonstrate to us Divinity in us (union of father-mother-son), then Creation and manifestation in the world of creation- Microcosm in the macrocosmo- universe in us.

The 3 sides in the Cabala symbolize expansion and growth - it's the perfect figure. In the oldest esoteric symbols we find the triangle: Masonic-celti - Egyptian-Jewish. In the Paleolithic era was the procreative force of the Great Goddess as a woman in which the vulva had a triangular shape.

There are many triangular formations like Celtic symbols - the star of David - the 2-point triangle that assumes meanings that reinforce and amplify the original meaning of the triangle.

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Psychic schoolPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-09-05 11:59:44

Find out the strength and power of the FULL MOON

The full moon is the time when the moon is at its peak because it closes the crescent moon and begins with that of the waning moon, so it encloses all the features and influences of the moon phases and is able to help us to: past and start a new path - destroy negativity in the rituals of protection and purification - mitigate sorrows and disturbances in healing rituals - start new businesses - foster the resumption of love - materialize desires.


We write per hand on a white sheet or better still on a vegetable parchment that we want to free ourselves. It can be a vice - a person who disturbs us - a painful past that is troubling us - a difficult situation - or a love we can not forget. Importate is focus on the intention of really wanting to close a negative and painful phase and reopen it a new and positive one.

Let's light the incense and a black candle and burn the leaf slowly, imagining us to move away from the past without turning around. We throw the remains of the leaf into the wind or throw it away. Now we turn on a white candle and write what we want by using only positive statements and engaging in change. Let us walk on uphill to a landscape in nature where we are happy. We also burn this sheet and we buried the remains in the darkness of a plant in the house or in the woods. let's turn off the candles by yourself.


The best time to charge and purify our magic objects and crystals and stones is just that.

Let's light a white candle and concentrate.

Let us light the pure incense of grain and pass the tarot deck - the roses - the pendulum - crystals and stones and small magical objects on the incense smoke and then plunge them into a window sill where the full moon light arrives.

For larger objects we can put them in a box or container - better than copper - and in the center turn the incenso with their hands try to push the fumes circularly around the magic objects and then put them in a place where the moon light. Let's burn the incense and do not turn it off.


Go to the open at the direct moonlight holding the palms of your hands facing the moon, after about 5 minutes you will begin to feel a heat or a tingling or a feeling of heaviness - your hands are absorbing lunar energy - your energy and you will make it when they are fully loaded.

you imagine that this energy walks through your arms to your head and slowly goes down through the limbs coming to your feet - goes up on your legs, expanding in your back and trunk to your head and rests in your hands

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starting to develope your divine abilities

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Developed your senses it is the ground and basic and fundamental point that you recognize your skills and begin to use them and awake your intuition and mediumship.The first exercises are passive exercises, in the sense that you must observe but not act, you must learn to recognize your sensations and the external feelings that come from the environment and the lighter and subtle sounds that are human or environmental.
Take a bandage or a scarf and leg in your head covering your eyes. Move slowly into the room when you touch a stopped object and try to hear the feelings this object gives you. The first few times will be just hot or cold feelings, of the material with which it is made for not looking for logical explanations. Accepts what you hear at the beginning even if they seem like little information. Then always with their eyes closed and try to hear the noise that can be in the room or come from outside. Similarly after about two weeks do the same exercises by beginning to try to understand what sounds you hear or what sensations you know. After about another two weeks, do the same exercises but cover one eye and focus on the hearing with ears ear plugs with one ear. Now you will begin to become an active part of the exercises: after about two months you start to dwell on what you hear with hearing and touch, now you just do not have to hear, listen carefully and reflect on what you touch by trying to analyze the objects. At the same time, you will start a new exercise in two different ways: cover your eyes and start passively trying not to think about anything let you slide the pictures you see, no matter what they are and what time or how rational let your mind wander and observe Without doing anything. The same exercise in the nature observes what you see without thinking to look at and just but open-minded and focused on nature's characteristics trying to capture every detail even insignificant. You do not have to hurry.After about 3 weeks you will also become active here you have to begin to know how to hold the pictures you see and to activate the inner concentration but also to move the images you do not want to see: do this exercise with closed eyes. Sit comfortably and concentrate on a white or black point and look at it fixed, the point will never stand still but you have to follow it with your eyes without letting you distract from what you see on the sides or what passes you in front or what you feel in the room. With open eyes: in a white sheet, draw a black circle and attach it to a white wall. Concentrates on the black circle. With the passing of time you will draw the circle smaller and smaller, change size whenever you can concentrate on the circle without distracting you for at least 5 minutes, the circle must become a tiny black point and you have to fix it.

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Clearing bath

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before or after a magic spell or just to get rid of energy we absorb? I teach you one easy.
you can do using our pure Sardinian salt, mixed with fresh or dried herbs, charged with our energy or with the light and the energy of the full moon, and let's use it !!! let's put in a linen bag and massagge yourself while bathing increasingly focusing on the purpose of the bath.
we can also add salt of the Himalayas or the Epson salts.
We can impregnate the salt- few days before-with the juice of a fruit, such as lemon for protection, add chopped fresh sage and maybe the grains of incense. To encourage the rebirth, new beginning mixed rosemary, cinnamon and palo santo or myrrh. to regenerate our energy: ginger, anise or fennel, mint or replace a plant with a resin as elemi. To promote healing? Chamomile, dammar and orange peel or chili.
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October, the month in which the astral doors are open and there we can connect with the afterlife to receive or send thoughts, messages, requests. The month in which the forces and energies are powerful. We want to send a small gift to our beloved ancestor? But we do not want direct contact? so no channel and no evocation?
Then we prepare a small altar, even a small table or stool will go well, in the middle we put a white candle and light the candle, prepare the mortar a smoke with 3 drops of olive oil that is used to join well-herbs-3 grains incense, 3 damiana grains and fresh rosemary or if you prefer 3 petals of white or red rose. We pulverize well in a mortar focusing on the person you want to send the message to and what we want to communicate.
when the herbs and grains are pulverized form a ball and fire up the charcoal, put it on and sit well in the ground or on a comfortable cushion. Let us imagine that our thoughts through the smoke of fumigation reach the top and the person to whom they are intended, you can write a letter to this person and then burn the candle flame, imagine that the person is in front of you and you can communicate. if you prefer, you can also bless the person with a simple formula like this: May you have peace and joy in your journey, may you stand by me in difficult times, you can meet me in the next life, may the angels - or divinity- accommodate you in your arms.
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Handfasting means union of the hands. The handfasting is the symbol of German weddings, Celtic, pagan.In some countries this very ancient civil marriage is legally valid . the origins of handfasting born in pagan countries about in 1200. Formerly handfasting was the first promise, the official engagement which lasted a year and a day, the rope was tied gently so that it can slide, after this period the cup if he could untie the knot as a symbol of the dissolution of the engagement or arrange another handfasting ceremony as a symbol of the marriage. the rope was really tight to symbolize the union for life on earth and otherworldly.
The ceremony takes place as sent from the tradition in an open place, in the fields, woods, banks of the river or the sea, countryside or often in modern times in small quaint villages or near the castles.
How are they linked hands of spouses? once only with a rope or a ribbon. The bride and groom were tied his left hand with his right hand, the promises and always were exchanged with their hands tied the bride and groom had to pass some tests like cutting bread together, jumping together on a large stone or a branch is not resting on the ground, drink from the same cup, playing the corno.Questo meant to overcome the difficulties together, the strengthening of love and the creation of a family. Usually you create the magic circle, incenses, once the person with the most esoteric and magical knowledge called high princess held a short speech on the future couple.
During the ceremony the women embroider or create with green branches. often we rush, the Santa Brigida cross as a symbol and wish for fertility and protection of the house. It is celebrated to bagpipes, you are dancing folk dances.

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