The magic Circle: What is it and its symbolism

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In almost all esoteric traditions the magic circle acquires a unique importance and particularly in magic rituals but also in esoteric protection.
The Magic circle symbolizes the border between earthly reality and magical reality, is the site where performing the ritual protection is greatest, in fact very often is called the circle of protection.
The circle is the alpha and the omega, has no beginning and no end, is unchangeable, perfect, indefinable and impassable by everything that is out of the circle, and in magic rituals is the place where the entity can not enter unless invited. The magic circle is the monitor and remote from our negative energies defining our safe and sacred space. From the most ancient traditions - Babylonian, Sumerian, Norman, celti- is the deity that the divine characteristics, such as peace, love, protection, were symbolized by the shape of the circle.

As you trace the magic circle?

We position ourselves and draw a circle around us and all altar.
Traditionally, the magic circle is drawn clockwise with salt, this is the most simple method is also known because the salt is anch it a symbol of purification and protection.
The Celts very traditional people use the Athame, tracing in the air circle evoking the elements.
You can also use the magic wand, the magic knife or the magic sword to create the circle in the air.
If you work in nature you can form a circle of stones or pine cones or flower petals.
In the Kabbalistic tradition jew is used to form the circle and recite the magic cross.

Inside and outside the circle.
Normally inside the circle it is a small altar where there are magical tools and the 4 elements then a candle, incense, water, sand or earth.
Outside the circle normaly is the magic mirror for evocations and a triangle, drawn in the air or on the ground.

As it dissolves the circle?
Normally it sciogolie counterclockwise circle, that opens the circle, the old traditions who like ceremonious ritual used to remove the circle of salt with a broom.
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Mother earth

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For the Indians of America Earth was worshiped as Mother Earth was a divine emanation that we could not only connect with the Great Spirit, but could also recharge energy and activate the healing process. They could see the Great Spirit in all, in the sun, in the grass, in water, in a singlo stem of grass, in a breath. So the Indians were always connected with the Great Spirit and Mother Terra.Ma how you can begin to connect with the Earth and learn how to take root in it? We begin to walk short, we begin to go into nature and if possible to walk barefoot on the ground, on sand, on the shore of a river or the sea. At the beginning we start looking to better focus on what our senses tell us, we try to banish the daily thoughts that crowd our minds, and we try to only hear the birds singing, the earth below us, what ch evediamo without dwelling too of no feeling. Only when we have the feeling i have started to control our thoughts, and to be able to drive them out easily begin to exercise ourselves to dwell only on one direction. So for a time we will focus our attention on what we see trying to capture all possible shades, small details, then we'll all heard trying to capture all the more for noise, more distant, then touch with his hands. Slowly after that we begin to feel under your feet. The next step is to combine the breath that we try to breathe the pure air and hold it a few seconds for us and then let it out forcefully, let's make this a unique exercise, feel and breathe. Then we could move to embrace a tree and soffermrci on the strength that leads us, to let the lapping waves and to let ourselves be lulled, nothin in the heat of the sun and feel the light in us, let us look at a pebble. The fourth step would be more difficult that is, begin to see life in all forms of nature not just animals but also a flower, a leaf, a stream, a rock. We try to feel this life, her pulse, her breath in us, now is not more important, but imagine the feeling, each item must have felt like a part of us and us a part of them with respect and humility, let us feel like we were at the center of the earth and the earth, the nature around us and we foniamo with it, the tree no longer exists but we are in the tree, in the leaves, the branches, the trunk, the roots .. Indians could hear the rustle of the wind in themselves.

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Power of tree

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When you notice that you think too much and your brain makes up in smoke or you are at risk burn out, go to the nature or the countryside or forest or sea or river, and if you can walk barefoot trying to stand under the trees and to concentrate yourself only on what you see, feel and smell. Every time a thought about your past or present life on the problems comes .. send him away, concentrated ona flower, a leaf, a wave, a shell, touch it, odorala, you hear the sounds of nature.
Hugging a tree, keep the trunk, the branches, the height, the sun shining through the branches, do not think about anything else beyond what is no flow around you at that moment. This helps to unload the excess energy, helps you connect with yourself and concentrate but also to awaken your senses.
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The Violet Flame

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The violet flame is the inheritance left of the enlightened master Saint Germain.La flame and the essence of the spiritual light of the transformation, the light of freedom, of forgiveness and purification.
Having the highest frequency in the spectrum of visible light, purple is the transition point between visible light and non-visible light, between the physical world and the spiritual world.
The purple is the color associated with the Fifth Element, known as Ether, ie that element which can give rise to anything else and everything, everything begins and ends with the ether. The violet flame is also associated with the seventh ray, and not only works on a personal level but also on a global level, raises us up to the divine energy, transforming negative emotions, cleans and regenerates our cells but also the cells and atoms that constitute the surrounding environment and human environment. This flame does not destroy but transforms and creates.
Invoking the violet flame can obtain the development of mercy, compassion, transmutation, liberation that is the development of the Divine characteristics in ourselves, is the kelp data andthe light from God to us and we can use it to heal and erase past mistakes not only our but also helping in the evolutionary growth of entire peoples. Saint Germain has left told us that the I AM statement is nothing more than bring the violet flame and its characteristics in us, so we are uniting ourselves to God and accepting His divinity in us so we are attracting more energies of forgiveness, mercy, freedom, healing, forgiveness, creation, processing and purificazione.La violet flame transforms any negativity deposited on the physical and spiritual level of being in both the physical realm and in the spiritual and karmic.
Like virtually using the violet flame?
What you absolutely must not do is use it automatically without feeling, without concentration and without displaying it. It would not work.
Also recite the automatic I AM mantra is not work without feeling in our hearts that we really want to join this immense divine energy.
Let's sit down or will lie in a serene and airy, perfect would be in the sun and in a garden or in a park, in short in nature, breathe deeply and try to make this deep breath a cloud or violet flame that we breathe with all its properties , so let's dive into this feeling of peace, gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, freedom, and we think we visualize this flame travel in our body warming us of a purifying fire.
Every time we try to imagine this flame that travels us in a more profound and intense, reaches the cells, comes from us and looks to the outside world, envelops us, surrounds our home and our loved ones. Slowly we head this light of peace and love even more to the outside world and begin to pray to this flame to purify and transform the negativity of the human world, we awaken our consciences and the consciences of other people, we clean the world from negative effects such as pollution, earthquakes, belching, floods, fires and nuclear wars. We can also imagine being at the center of a ring of violet flame or a big flame or to have it in front of us and get into it, the important thing is the view and hear.
Some say that Jesus died on the cross and saying: God forgive them for they know not what they do, he used the power of the Violet Flame to forgive us and cleanse us with love and compassion.

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Protection for empathic people

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Close your eyes and breathe deeply three times through the nose.
As you do imagine that white light and positive universe penetrates into your lungs and energized your physical body.
As you exhale through your mouth, imagine that your body moves away from a gray smoke that takes away the stress and negativity.
Repeat to yourself: I am releasing all of the stress and negative emotions of the universe.
These will be dissipated in space and not hurt anyone.
Finish off with a deep breath during which imagine that the Divine energy fills your lungs like a huge ball of pure white light and protective.
Returning to normal breathing imagine the ball of white light grow and blend with your energy.
While the ball is enlarged, the positive light through the organs, tissues and muscles, expelling from your body any residual stress to push the universe which will be worth missing.
Imagine the energy to go through the chest, neck, head.
Then look at her scroll down in the stomach, hips, legs and feet.

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Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael, on September 29, today is his day, his name means Who is like God? MI KA-EL
He is known and revered in almost all religions as one who with his army fought against the demons and the prince of inferi.In some traditions is regarded Jesus as the incarnation of the archangel on Terra.Viene often depicted with his horde angels who fight against the devil, holding a sword facing the'alto and one foot crushes the dragon or snake. It is said that at the beginning of Creation him Lucifer and the angel of light- angels were more close to God, before Lucifer betrayed him. Esoterically Michele is invoked and prayed for protection from enemies, from the threat, injustice, his flaming sword, brings light into the darkness and gives clarity in dangerous and complicated situations, in exorcisms is invoked with the exorcism composed by Pope Leo XIII Satan and the rebellious angels.
Jewish prayer of protection:
In the name of the Lord,
God of Israel, both
Michael to my right,
Gabriel at my left,
before me Uriel,
behind me Raphael,
and over my head
the divine presence of God.

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