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White sandal

The white sandalwood comes from the album tree Santalum and is native to India, where it is called the holy tree and dedicated to the goddess Shiva.

The smoke is spicy and woody, and is used in India in the funeral because the sandal is given as a gift to accompany the souls of the dead to light. Sandalwood is therefore used for ceremonial rituals, but also for all the rituals in which one wants to let someone or something go.

It is also burned as fumigation in the search for visions and prophetic dreams that bring us clarity and to deepen intuition but also to elevate our subconscious to consciousness. Therefore, sandalwood is able to open the astral and otherworldly doors and even our mind becomes more accessible and ready for contact and receiving messages. It is also used as an aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood is like a bridge to our abilities and to other worlds. Sandalwood is an ingredient that can not be ignored in spells and rituals of protection and destruction of negativity or negative entities.

Also used for site clearing. Also in curative and ayurvedic medicine it is used and treated above all to calm the nerves and against anxiety and cramps.

Red sandal

The botanical name is Pterocarpus santalinus and its scent is more herbaceous and woody than the white sandalwood. He also comes from India and Burma, but is also widely used in Japan in all ceremonies and prayers to the Buddha. Because of its color, it is often used for dyeing fabrics, but also for the construction of temples.

Its effect is more powerful and stronger than the white sandalwood, especially as an aphrodisiac and often also used in exorcism and love spells.

Sandal in healing and medicine

Sandalwood is used as a powder or oil in Ayurvedic medicine and naturopathy.

Sandalwood is used primarily for the Psyche: soothing and balancing and gives peace and relief to inner pain, especially in cases of mourning. But also against depression and all enviable impulsive emotions like aggression and anger.

Besides this it is used against headaches and muscle tension and nerve problems.

In the body the sandalwood acts against the inflammation of the mucous membranes and accelerates the healing of wounds and is diuretic but also to accelerate the healing of wounds and is successfully applied against the formation of gas in the stomach and to soothe the malttie of the respiratory system and to melt the phlegm.

In East Asia it is often used as a powder mixed with water as a mask against acne or oily skin or aged and tired skin. As an oil it would also be used to counteract impotence in men but also in women to alleviate pain in menstruation.

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Weisse Sandelholz

Sandelhoz kommt vom der Santalum Album und ùrsprùnglich kommt aus Indien wo wird als Heilige Baum bezeichnet und der Gottin Shiva gewidmet.
Der Rauch is wùrzig und holzig und ist in Indien in die Verbrennungszermonie angewendet denn Sandelholz wird die Gabe verschenkt die Seelen der Toten ins Licht begleiten zum dùrfen. Sandelholz deswegen wird beim Loslassen Ritualen angewendet aber auch beim alle Rituale in dem man sich von jemanden oder etwas verabschieben will.
Es wird geràuchert auch beim Visionensuche und Tràume zum erschaffen die uns Klarheit bringen und Intuitionen zum vertiefen aber auch um unsere Unterbewusst auf Bewusst zum hoch bringen. Daher das Sandelholz ist in der Lage der Astral und Anderswelttòren und unsere Geist auch wird mehr zugànglich und bereit fùr Empfinden. Eingesetzt wird auch als Aphrodisiakum.
Sandelholz ist wie eine Brùcke zu unsere Fàhigkeiten und zum Jenenseits. Herrvoragen beim Bann und Schutz - Ritualen.
Wird auch angewendet beim Raumclearing und Energetische magische Reinigungen. Auch in der Heilung und Ayurvedische Medizin wird gebraucht und verarbeitet insbesondern um Nerven zum beruhigen und gegen Angst und Verkrampfungen.

Rotes Sandelholz

Die botanischen Bezeichnung ist Pterocarpus santalinus und sein Duft ist etwa herbar und holziger als der weisse Sandelholz. Kommt auch vom Indien und Burma aber wird sehr angewendet auch in Japan als Ràucherung in alle Buddha Zerimonie und Gebeten. Aufgrund seine Farbe wird oft verarbeitet fùr fàrben der Textilien aber auch wegen sein Holz um Tempel zum Bauen.
Es wird angesetzt wie der weisse Sandelholz aber sein Wirkung is kraftvoller und stàrker insbesonders als Aphrodisiakum. Often auch beim Exorzismus angewendet oder in der Liebesmagie oder auch beim Schònheitsritualen.

Sandelholz im Heilungsbereich

Sandelholz wird entweder als Pulver oder Oelen eingesetz im Ayurvedische Medizin und Naturheilkunde.
Sandelholz wird hauptsache fùr die Psiche eingesetzt : beruhigend und ausgleichend und schenkt innere Ruhe und Schmerzen zum beweltigen insbesonders im fall von Trauerarbeit. Aber auch gegen Depressionen und alle Gefuhlen wie Agressivitaet und Wut.
Aussederm wird gegen Kopfschmerzen angewendet und Muskelverspannungen und Nervenbeschwerden.
Im Kòrper wirkt Sandelholz gegen Schleimhautentzùndungen und beschleunigt das Wundheilung und ist harntreibend aber auch gegen Blàhungen und antiinflammatorische.
In Ostasien wird oft als Pulver gemischt mit Wasser als Maske gegen Akne oder fettige oder alte mùde Haut. Als òl wùrde auch als Potenzmittel eingesetzt bei Mànner aber auch beim Frauen gegen Menstrationsbeschwerden.
Gegen Halsschmerzen und alle Krankheiten der Atemsweg wird auch angewendet mit Erfolg.

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Cultivate in your garden or in your balcony some Camomile ? It's great not only for preparing herbal teas, but also for natural protection and in addition to herbs for purification.

It is used in magic in magic bags to attract real love and improve the financial situation or attract money when we really need it because it was called the plant the player's grass because it was used by desperate people who used the game to get back and have luck.

Many of the old so-called witches, skilled in magic and healing, used chamomile and beautiful-haired to seduce the wounded before surgery when they did not have anesthetic. So beware of the beautiful lady who is also highly poisonous. They used to put chamomile bags near the bed to favor the beautiful dreams and a quiet sleep but also to recall psychic dreams and prophetic visions. Being a plant that grows free and the best of its qualities growing outdoors she enjoys both the sunlight and the moonlight so absorbs their influences and transmits them when we use the camomile. So - for example - an infusion will not only be relaxing at a psychological level but it will give us clarity on the mental level.

A purifying and soothing bath? Put in a large organza or gauze bag of chamomile and fresh mint flowers. Close well and pass on the body to even have a velvety effect or leave in the bath water at about 37 degrees for about before diving.

To burn it as incense we collect it in time and let it dry and then we could burn it.

For the drying process do not rush and let it dry naturally not in the oven that needs to dry its properties. Let us always remind ourselves that old traditions are the best because working with plants alone - picking and picking them up and setting them up to dry them helps us concentrate but also creates a special relationship with the plant itself and it will reward us with the best.

An oil to burn candles or make anti-spicy massages?

Fill a glass jar with flowers and chamomile leaves and fill with fine olive oil to the edge. No bubbles should be formed so that the chamomile is pressed firmly with a wooden ladle and then close and hold for 4 weeks in a place where direct sunlight does not reach. Every day, turn the jar and check that no bubbles have been removed and if necessary add other flowers and leaves. After 4 weeks filter into a colander where you also have gauze restraint and press the flowers and the leaves well. Your oil is ready to be used and if you want to use it warm for massage, remember to heat it in a bain-marie.

Even in the field of medicine, flowers have been used for a long time since the camomile has many properties such as anti-inflammatory, antimycotic and antinevralgic and antispasmodic.

You can prepare wraps for anti-cyclising exterior use and against small skin ulcers and swelling in the eyes and scans for inflammation and pain and pain in the mouth.

The old balies used to give the chamomile to babies to let them sleep or calm the belly but not the pregnant women as the chamomile favors uterine contractions.

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GUGGUL is a rubber - resin that is extracted from the Commiphora cortex

mukul. This is an Asian shrub that is very thorny and has a very intense aroma.

The word guggulo comes from Sanskrit and means the one who protects from illnesses while the Arabs already worship it as a medicine because they used it against diarrhea and colic, but also against cough and sciatica and leg pain.

In today's ayurvedic medicine is used as an anti-inflammatory and against metabolic disorders.

Simple fumigation with Guggul only helps against catarrh and cough, but also for purifying and purifying environments.

In recent years, active thyroid metabolic properties have been discovered, and the usefulness of treating the overweight has been confirmed.

It is used against nervous stress and strong nervousness because it is able to give calm and calm the anxious states that come from the nervous and psychological system.

In magic, it is used in rituals to promote healing and also to the development of spiritual faculties. Powerful help to promote visions and meditations helps in chakra and aura purification rituals.

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YASEMIN, whose name comes from Persian Yasemin, is known by ancient Indian and Syrian peoples who used it above all in nunical banquets as an aphrodisiac, while in green magic they added flowers to attract true love.

Jasmine is defined as the plant of sensuality and the search for true love.

A lunar plant that favors visions and develops the capacities of the astral body, induces almost a state of trance stimulating concentration and imagination but also enhancing extranensory and psytic abilities.

Its five-petal form recalls both the pentacle, that is a great protection, but symbolized the great Mothers of ancient peoples such as Ishtar for the Babylonians.

In fact, to adore her, the young virgins gave her jasmine wreaths and asked for her protection, but also true and pure love.

SMOKES to attract money and financial well-being:

put 3 jasmine flowers in the mortar, 3 bay leaves, 3 grains of pure olibanum incense. Sprinkle well and tie together a few drops of olive oil. form a ball to put on the charcoal.

SMOKES to attract prophetic dreams:

dried jasmine flowers, dried leaves of agrimony and anise seeds.

Fresh flowers, with their intense scent, are sniffed to induce sleep but also to calm emotionally and mentally and excite sensuality. It increases self-confidence by decreasing fears and anxieties that come from emotional conflicts and lusts.

In phytotherapy it is transformed into oil that is then used for wellness and cosmetics to soften and revitalize skin and hair but also to massage the belly of pregnant women before childbirth.

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Myrr: magic and medicine

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Known by the Biblical legend of the gifts brought by the Magi King to Jesus, MyRR is a gummy resin that is extracted from a spontaneous growing tree in the Middle East: Commiphora myrrha.

The legend says that the drops of lymus produced by the myrrh plant are the tears of Goddess Mirra, and to escape from his father, king of Syria, whom Aphrodite had forced to have carnal relations, he became transformed into a tree by the gods to escape death.

Therapeutic uses of myrrh.

Already from ancient times it was left infused into water or oil and then used to gargle or massage the inflammatory gingivitis and cases of periodontitis.

It is worked in the preparation of ointments and ointments to aid the healing and wound healing, since myrrh has antiseptic and healing properties.

It also possesses spasmolytic properties and against the inflammation of gas in the stomach and intestines, in Indian medicine is used as an expectorant,

Chinese medicine is used against acne, amenorrhea and abdominal tumors.

In psychophysical well-being a myrrh fumigation gives us peace and clarity, but we also balance our human and terrestrial part with the spiritual part.

Even against anxious and nervous conditions, or after a big schock or a moment of tension and anger, you may be able to smoke the pure fumes of pure myrrh.

Magic uses of myrrh

To consecrate and purify environments and places, magic tools, divination and oracles, but especially to purify after illness because it is bactericidal and therefore in rituals of psychic and bodily healing. In fact, it is a plant that is associated with both the Moon and also the symbol - among many others - of the stranger and the subconscious.

In the Middle Ages they added myrrh powder in home-made soaps, they made ointments to cure the wounds of the animals and spread the poor in the floors and around the house against insects.

It is used in rites that help the sphere of feelings to drive out rivals and purify a person from vibrations and negative energies that prevent them from knowing the person of fate or against evil in marriage and friendships.

Great in meditation or angelic invocations and rituals for its highly protective power and its delicate scent.

Often a small bag of myrrh was hanging on the baby's cradle to wish a long, intense, happy life, but also to protect it from attacks of malicious entities or envy of people. It was almost a recognition of love and respect for the newborn.


To relax and go into trance or in meditations and divinations mixed in equal parts with pure Olibanum, myrrh and storace incense.

For protection and re-acclimatization in the world of feelings and emotions and prayers for true and genuine love, mix myrrh, 3 petals of pink broccoli and sandaracca or if you want golden incense.

Mirra, cloves and aloe or sandalwood for rituals of prosperity and fortune and abundance especially for people working with earth and natural products.

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Beautiful Aloe vera

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Aloe vera (Fam. Liliaceae): an amazing succulent plant.

There is no continent in the world where he is not venerated and loved and studied for his therapeutic properties.

This plant is already declared miraculous in the texts of Pliny and Dioscoride against oral and gastrointestinal tract and to treat wounds.

The Mayans used it against the headache, and as an analgesic and in the hieroglyphics of the Assyrians, there was a description of the use of aloe against digestive and intestinal problems.

The Egyptians considered the plant as immortality as the gel mixed with other essences was used to embalm the corpses while the Arabs and Hindus worshiped her as a miraculous healer.

In fact, the plant has vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B10, B12 and also the leaves contain various enzymes and minerals such as: calcium and hate, phosphorus and potassium, chromium and iron, zinc and manganese .

The juice extracted is a powerful remedy for gastric ulcers and pancreatitis ulcers.

Highly anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, regenerates skin and regulates cholesterol, laxative and regulating glucose in the blood.

Some remedies that you surely know:

peel the leaf and use pure gel as an ointment against burns and solar erythema but also dermatitis and redness, scarring of wounds and pruritus. Massage and leave uncovered. While applying the gel to a wound, do not massage it and cover it with a gauze.

Some people like to extract the leaves gel (which is highly oxidant so it is used immediately) and in a blender mix it with a glass of juice and sweeten it with honey and drink it immediately.

In magic, it was connected to the sun and already in Persia centuries before the coming of Christ was used as a natural anti-proptic because it was so solar to drive off evil spirits. But it was also used in rituals to favor the beauty of people. In Africa, they use cut leaves and give them or lay them on the ground to wish good luck and attract spirits that help prosper. Farmers and farmers used to plant it to prevent fires and theft of livestock.

In the Middle Ages, some leaves were given to the sideburners as a painkiller.

Some consider it as a calming and relaxing natural and leave some leaves burning during meditations or before sleeping to favor prophetic dreams.

The broken wood was burned with grains of incense resin and mastic against negativity but also to favor the purity of feelings and intentions in love and friendship.

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Use and tradition of Chili

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Familiar in traditional Italian culture against malice and bills the chili was often hung on the doorstep in bouquets. In Mexico already in ancient times - 1200 dc - considered the chili as a powerful aphrodisiac but also as a protection against negativity.

Some witches preferred to alternate salt and chili powder in forming the circle of protection.

Two red chillies were tied with a red string and placed under the bed to favor passion and conception.

You can prepare a magic bag to re-start a little bit of love: in a red silk scarf, set 3 red rose and lavender petals. Add chopped or powdered chilli powder and then close with a red or golden ribbon. Load it energetically and leave it under the mattress. As always in the spell, intentions and concentration are important in preparation.

In the houses or stables already before the Middle Ages were bound garlands and cherry necklaces because tradition was said to protect cattle from envy and black magic rituals that make animals sick and dying. Like all plants and herbs, chili peppers can be used in black or white magic rituals: to attract love or separation and protection.

Even keeping chili peppers in the house is considered in the magic to attract harmony and protection of the family but also to ensure that the family is away from harmful and negative feelings and energies.

The common chili pepper - Capsicum Annuum - possesses heating properties and helps to promote blood circulation. It is part of the natural antibiotic plant for its many features: It helps to soothe the pains of the skeletal and muscular apparatus but it is also diuretic and lowers cholesterol. It promotes blood circulation and regulates the pressure not to mention strengthening the immune system.

Powdered and mixed with water and drops of lemon is used in the gargle to disinfect the gums and throat the eyelids.

Very Vitamin C The Chili Pepper is used in medicine such as cardiovascular and antihistamines. Using it carefully helps in diets.

To promote blood circulation to the muscles or to massage limbs that are lazy and affected by rheumatism or arthritis you can prepare chili oil.

Fill a jar with red fresh chilli . Add extra-virgin olive oil to the rim by pressing the chili and keeping in mind that bubbles will not form. Close the jar for 4 weeks keeping it in place where sunlight and moonlight can come. At best, do this preparation in the early autumn days where the heat of the sun is no longer so strong. Every day turn the jar up and down without opening it. After 4 weeks filter the oil with a gauze and lastly skim all the chillies. This oil should be stored in a sterile and clean jar and you can use it as hot as it is cold.

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Pellytory on the wall

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Unfortunately, commonly known as an allergy-causing plant, the pellitory on the wall - Paretaria officinalis - also called vetriola - is a useful plant in magic and medicine from far away times.

In magic, it is often used in rituals to foster harmony and reconciliation after lusts and conflicts in the family or in love magic to strengthen unions and reunions. The parietaria is a valuable help in rituals that relate to the sentimental and emotional sphere to favor reconciliations in friendships or calm the souls in the work field or to find true love are used the leaves.
In the kitchen often the leaves are used for pancakes or replacing the nettle as filling for ravioli or crustaceans or shredded herbs and vegetables.
Famous protagonist, especially in Sicily where he was boiled and after reciting a magic formula in Sicily, was used as a wrap for distortions and rheumatic pains.
In medicine, parietaria has many properties: depurative, emollient, expectorant and diuretic. It contains sulfur, potassium, calcium, flavonids and muclavinos.Infusion is used to soothe hemorrhoids, anal fissures, cystitis and urinary tract disorders as soothing disinfectants in tooth and acne.The broth or infusion is used to calm the cough and melt the catarrh, while mixing the shredded honey plant has a diuretic effect.A popular remedy advises you to rub the parietaria leaves in your hands until the juice comes out and it becomes like a mousse that is embedded with embryos, scars and dermatitis.

Although it belongs to the Urticacee family, the leaves of the parietaria are rubbed on parts of the body that come into contact with nettles to soothe itching and burning.
Small curiosity: it is called a wicker because its hairy leaves were used to clean and polish bottlenecks and walls because it grows spontaneously in the walls.

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Fragrant mint! Peppermint known since ancient times for its healing and beneficial properties. The mint contains amino acids - minerals such as potassium - phosphorous sodium and calcium and ABCD vitamins.
The menthol extracted has great therapeutic potential against gas formation in the intestine, purifies shampoos and peduncles, decongestionates and fluidises respiratory secretions, has an antiviral action in the gastrointestinal tract and fever, cough, colds , Relaxes the muscles and nerves in the event of migraine and is used against colon irritations.
The mint left in infused water can be used in gargle against bad breath or tonsils encrypted.
The lukewarm tea has a diuretic action, put a handful of fresh mint leaves in boiling water and when it is warm, sweetened with honey and filtered and pour a glass about an hour before meals.
Herbal tea is also used against acne or for refreshing and germicidal baths.
Fresh leaves can be applied with a plaster on the insect bites.
In mint magic, mint plays an important role, the old healer used it to fight herpes, nausea headaches and muscles, but also used it in aphrodisiac potions and magic bags to foster fidelity among lovers.
The mint was called the plant of temperance and humility because it grows and grows in sunny places and has no particular importance.
For a purifying bath that moves away negativity, put salt, mint and lavender in the water. A bundle hanging in the front door is said to appeal to benign spirits and distant malignant presence, so it is also good for protection and purification.
For its pure and intense green color it is often inserted into magic bags to attract job and improve finances.To increase the ability to communicate with the afterlife and to favor prophetic dreams and clairvoyance to burn the mint and aspirate the scent.It promotes optimism and positivity and gives ideas and inspirations in business and commerce.

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Surprising rosemary - rosmarinus officinalis. Not only in the kitchen to flavor our dishes but in the magic and medicinal tradition rosemary takes on great significance. Already in the European countryside there was already a bunch of rosemary hanging out to divert spirits and to protect the home.

The memory plant was defined. In magic symbolizes memory and concentration so keep it in the place where you work or study and breathe the scent helps above all people who work or study with stress and anxiety. Rosemary is considered to be a very powerful natural incense capable of transforming negative vibrations into positive.

It is burned in purification rites and is a protective element of the house and of negativity or malignant influences. In the same way it is also used in protective bags to carry with you to hang in the shops in the rooms of the house. Rosemary also symbolizes death and rebirth, so it was often put in the dead tombs to accompany them on their journey and wish him a new rebirth soon.

To allow for divination and even cleansing the chakra is often burnt on a charcoal.

Important today because it is also one of the plants that can clean the air from ozone. It has many essential oils.

How to make a rosemary decoction?

Boil in a pot - better than copper - half a liter of water and two handfuls full of fresh rosemary leaves. Let's remember that more rosemary is wild and spontaneous grows more sun assumes that it helps to develop its essential oils. When we let it cool and filter and if we want to sweeten it with honey. Rosemary decoction can be used in different ways: as a wrap to soften bruises, but also as a rinsing for fleshy and fragile hair, or drank the morning as it wakes up as strengthening and against low pressure and as fluidizing the bile.

Another use is - boiling it with sage - as rinsing to have whiter and whiter teeth and lips.

How to Make a Massage Oil Fast And Effective?

In a bite put a handful of fresh leaves of rosemary and olive oil drops. Crush well by adding little by little a little oil until it becomes green and the leaves are well crushed. Filtered and if you want to warm it lightly and with this oil you can massage muscle-stained muscles or adding fresh chili pepper to use it to improve circulation or to massage when you have sciatica or arthritis pain.

Asthma and bronchitis inhalations

From us in Sardinia and in the marine regions grows spontaneously so if you can pick some rosemary from the coast. The properties of salt - iodine - potassium rich in sea water are a good help - combined with fresh mint or eucalyptus leaves - to inhalate against colds and bronchitis. Boil the water with the leaves and breathe the vapors with their head covered.

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Nettle the little miracle

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Nettle is one of the most important plants in medicine and healing alternatives and in the magic tradition. It belongs to Urticacee.

Rich in iron and folic acid is used against anemia and arthritis and diarrhea. In fact, the folic acid contained in the abundant chlorophylline of the leaves stimulates the production of red blood cells but the nettle is also a hemostatic plant, in fact it is used against nasal and uterine hemorrhages.

The nettle has diuretic - purifying - vasocostringent properties - rich in silicon that fortifies the immune system but also minerals and vitamins and facilitates digestion and food assimilation and firm diarrhea.

Medicinal nerve is a miraculous plant because it is also one of the few plants that has the capacity to increase breast milk production.

Also used in outdoor use successfully against baldness and dandruff to make hair shiny and against eczema or rashes and acne.

How to prepare an infusion for remineralizing and purifying?

Pour the nettle into boiling water and let it infuse for 10 minutes keeping it covered.

After that you filter the infusion and throw it away from the meals by adding if you want a teaspoon of honey.

Or against biliary calculations you can boil the roots in the milk and after filtering lukewarm.

In magic there is a special place, in fact the nettle is used in fumigation against negativity and maliciousness - the root is powerful to absorb illnesses and negativity. The nettle has an important role in the protective spell for instance in the rituals of removal of unwelcome people and in the purification-

How to make a protective talismanic bag?

In a small square of green or black cloth, place 3 nettle leaves and 3 grains of pure incense then add a nettle root and close with a cord. Of course you will have loaded and energized before the magic ingredients!

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The rate- Taxus baccata-

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The rate- Taxus baccata- is a very important tree in magic. This conifer is also called the Tree of Death, because the whole plant, especially the berries contain a high rate of tassina, a powerful alkaloid, which is a poison for immediate lethal effect by acting on the nervous system and causing shortness of breath, dizziness and slowly tick heart.
The rate is a tree that grows in the growth in the shade, symbol of eternal life and of Divinity, wisdom, symbol of tragic love. the oil extracted from the berries was often used to abort, often resulting in the death of the mother and fetus.
The Celtic peoples considered him the Tree of Immortality because it can regenerate from the bottom and evergreen, so symbolizing the passage from life to death they were burning branches during Samhain.
Celtic and Scottish peoples used the wood to pack the battle bow, and he anointed the tips with the juice of the berry juices to poison opponents, chopsticks were used to mark the lunar phases, slept at his feet to get precognitive dreams and be protected wild animals.
For nordgerman peoples it was considered the gate to the afterlife.
You can use smokes with the leaves to increase the visions, psychic abilities and magic skills. Magically is also used to make magical wands and for expulsion rituals, destruction, transformation, destruction of negative energies and astral bodies, the berries burned in smokes are used in rituals of evocation and invocation.

L'immagine può contenere: pianta, spazio all'aperto e natura

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is a well known plant in the magic, herbalism and medicine since ancient times. Pliny and Dioscorides considered the everlasting a universal remedy for most ailments of the human body due to the myriad of its active ingredients.
The Helichrysum name comes from the greek words Helios the Sun God and Crysos ie gold.
Helios in Greek mythology was the brother of the moon and -Selena of aurora-Eos and brought light to people along the way the sky from East to West aboard a golden chariot drawn by four horses while on the way back, from west to east, he ran through the sky on board a ship of gold.
Helios was considered an enemy of criminals and evildoers, had the ability to see everything that was hidden and his name was invoked by the Greeks in oaths.
oprannominato "immortal" for his ability to not wither ever after harvest, this plant with golden blossoms blooming in June was very popular at the beginning of
The Helichrysum is in fact used as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic, antiatritico, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, purifying, antispasmodic, drains the kidneys, it helps to expectorate the phlegm. Externally it is used as anticicatrizzante, antieczemico and against psoriasis. To prepare the oil helichrysum by massaging of bruises, burns or dermatitis, fill a glass jar sterilizzatocon flowers and leaves of Helichrysum and aggimgere olive oil to the brim, we press the plants well and remember that the oil must pass the plants and not there must be bubbles. close, flip it once a day and after about three weeks, flitrare the oil and pressing plants. store in a cool, dark place.
L'immagine può contenere: fiore, pianta, natura e spazio all'aperto

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The pine tree

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The pine tree has the virtues of balsamic, antiseptic, antibiotic and especially against influence, soretrhoat with bronchial complications, sinusitis, asthma and chronic cystitis.
In magic using the pine cones to promote fertility and fecundity, while the needles mixed with the resin are used to ward off evil spirits and downs and reject invoices and curses to the principal. Unfortunately it is often used in black magic rituals to infuse pain and wounds. The pulverized bark and burned incense mixed to olibanum and damiana vienne used to purify the rooms of the sick or after dele quarrels. In the East symbolizes immortality and eternity, the pine needles that are paired symbolize eternal love, the desire for fertility, and also being an evergreen eternal life of the soul. The pine in natural magic is used to invoke the spirits of the woods and nature. Japan magic wands and magical tools were built with pine wood, the sacred protector of the couple and longevity donor tree.
The resin can mix it with sage and mint or lemon to cleanse us before or after a ritual but also to purify places.the Pine was a symbol of protection and immortality for Celtic people, it was revered as the tree of life and the mother then symbolized woman in her fertile phase.
But for its medicinal properties was worshiped as a liberator of the bronchial, the magical plant that brought healing and relief in diseases of the bronchi, asthma and cough, soretroath. by Chinese medicine we use the resin to cure stomach and intestinal disorders and esophageal reflux.
Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

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