The passion flower

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The Passion flower is a beautiful healing plant, is an extraordinary remedy, much used in medicine and ancient healing technique and herbal medicine, thanks to its properties and characteristics. It possesses antispasmodic qualities, calming sedative and anxiolytic, in fact continental flavonoids, rich in phenolic acids and phytosterols.
The passion flower is the best remedy to promote soono, to soothe the irritability, the irritated bowel calm, prevenisce heart attacks, calm menstrual pains, against anxiety and panic attacks, disorders caused by emotional stress, gastrointestinal sedative.

A relaxing herbal tea you can get leaving in infusion in hot water or chamomile lemon balm and passionflower leaves for about 20 minutes, then strain and drink it all. Remember ch ele herbal teas made with lepiante not be sugary but must be sweetened with honey.

In magic, the leaves are pulverized and reduced to dust and burned as incense to encourage the state of meditation, relaxation and to help calm during healing rituals or complex magic rituals.
The passion flower is a plant linked to the moon and then to divination, to the feelings and emotional states.
To prepare a magic bath put in a bag of linen or cotton a bit of cinnamon, bergamot and Passiflorae flowers throw him in hot water.
The flowers are used as ornament and decoration but anch e to prepare the magical potpourri.

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Dandelion is a wonder herb, regulates digestion, nourishes the liver and bile, helps with rheumatism, dissolves kidney stones, can disappear pimples and chronic skin disease increases dandelion gastric secretion, stimulates appetite and also antispasmodic, resulting in the precipitation of a thin liquid bile and improves fat metabolism.
Since the dandelion having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used for the treatment and healing of wounds and prevent infection.
Even pain and itching due to insect bites or stings can alleviated by the application of the vegetable juice from the stalks or the root of the dandelion werden.der juice of the stems is poisonous and should never be not applied internally from the roots can be wonderful tinctures to treat rheumatism, tension and gouty manufacture.
The magic is the plant from curses, but mischief also used in rituals around the Wunschbestellungmangewendet and. When invocations to the goddess Hektate-they awarded devoted to actual protection, cunning and strength, a chain of dried dandelion root is traditionally worn.

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The eucalyptus

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L'immagine può contenere: pianta, albero e spazio all'apertoThe eucalyptus name is two Greek words, eu ie well and kalypto ie hide.
The eucalyptus is a plant of healing as it has a special place in herbal medicine is that the magic of healing that in traditional medicine.
Very often it was planted near factories or stations to purify the air. The plant is an evergreen.
In ancient magic of traditional healing eucalyptus leaves they are placed in boiling water and the vapors are breathed against respiratory inflammations, against fever and bronchitis, to loosen the phlegm. It is used mostly pe rle inflammation of the pharynx and vocal cords.
The oil you can get soaking of eucalyptus leaves in olive oil, leaving about a week and then squeeze the leaves and filter the oil in a and one of the uses is to rub the irritated skin, it would be more effective if you add leaves of yarrow or calendula flowers.
In magic the eucalyptus is used to create smudge protection stick purification maybe joining the eucalyptus branches with sage, or the leaves can chopped in morsaio with grains of incense and myrrh or sage and 3 drops of olive oil to make balls of incense for protection and purification, or with lemon peels and of pine needles or daminana incense for healing, for the concentration combine with sandalwood and clove wood. The eucalyptus is also used in magic bags for example with amethyst and lavender for protection and love, with lime and artemisia for protection and bringing about the success of a business or an exam.

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The fig tree

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The fig tree is a plant that is in the magic that hides in the healing knowledge and an ancient usage.
In Sardinia, the fig tree has an ambiguous meaning as in magic is said to the fig tree is the house of the devil and evil spirits, and sleep under a fig tree brings misfortune, sickness and woe. But in the Sardinian folk medicine the fig tree is used for charitable purposes, with its milk are will treat warts, calluses or weed thorns, the branches are used to treat hernias, muscle pain and sciatica.
In the Middle East the fig tree was considered the plant of the Phoenix, it was said that the phoenix was reborn in the spring with the blossoming of the plant, so it was considered the plan of death and rebirth, and the plant was like the door able to link the earthly world with the world of the afterlife. For the Egyptians was the plant that helped the dead in the journey after death and with the fig wood built a talisman for the journey of the deceased, they allowed themselves to the fig tree also has the power to awaken the occult powers. Even for the Romans and Greeks had the fig big occult powers and esoteric, the fruit was considered the female power, then a kind of Great Mother, Mother Earth or Mother Nature, venerated by shepherds from the milk of the leaves took care of the animals and whether themselves, but the magic was used in rituals to increase women's strength, for infant protection, rituals against sterility. Asia has a very important place and positive, revered as the tree under which Buddha had enlightenment, is seen as the tree in which they reside the elementary spirits, symbol of male fertility and knowledge of spiritual mysteries and esoterici.In Israel is peace , prosperity and abundance for the bulk calorific value and healing of the figs.

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The nettle in magic and healing

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The name comes from the Latin "urere" burning, irritating, because of its stinging properties.
In herbal medicine and herbalists is used as anti-rheumatic, diuretic, anti-diabetic and anti-anemic.
Ancient peoples were of fresh nettle packs to put in joints affected by rheumatism, but also used after it is boiled to wash the body of the sick with fever. Thanks to the large amount of chlorophyll the nettle is a dale revitalizing properties plant both for the external care of the body, as for example, emollient, in the scalp, against dermatitis but also as a tee or decoction or the leaves pressed to the stomach, for a cure tonic to purify the blood, against kidney stones, and as anti-rheumatic effect.
The magic is known as plant protettrice.Si says you have to put down roots and leaves of nettle in a magic bag to ward off the evil eye and curses both people of spaces. in Smokes is an important part of the protection in magic rituals. It was also called the plant of desire and courage, as it absorbs negativity and turns them into harmony and positive energy.
For the old germans this plant was sacred to the god Thor as emblem of courage, of honor, and justice.

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The nettle is from the nettle family, it is a plant known and often dreaded.
In the old magic the nettle have a very important role for the protection, to break evil spells, to ward off unwanted people from our lives and absorb negativity and disease. It is associated with Mars and gives a particular strength to every ritual. The pagan peoples used to spread it around the house to ward off evil and throw it on the fire to ward off dangers and gossips and even more later in exorcising magic. It was also used as an aphrodisiac and in the rituals of red magic. In the magic is used in banishspells, in protective bags, for protections smokes and bath and to eliminate the negativity present in the environment.
The leaves are rich in minerals, especially iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and silicon, substances that make diuretic and cleansing; also contain vitamins A, C and K, formic acid, tannino.Infatti l'ortica has properties purifying, diuretic and alkalizing, recommended to treat rheumatism, arthritis, kidney stones, gravel, and to encourage action purifying and diuretic.
Nettles has a great ability to alkalize the blood and facilitates the elimination of acids of metabolism.Anche waste for feeding is cure diseases such as iron deficiency anemia or after bleeding, tonic and is therefore useful in case tonificante.Emostatic for nasal bleeding and menstruation. Nettle stimulates the secretion of pancreatic juice and helps to work the gallbladder, also useful if you have diarrhea. Emollient: to treat eczema and acne, against hair fall, dandruff and regenerates the skin.
How to make an herbal tea? Place the nettle brew for about 5 minutes in boiling water and sweet it with honey if you want to drink it otherwise you can use the water as a rinse for the hair or oily skin. A decoction? Boil stems and leaves, and after about 20 minutes if you want to filter and sweeten with honey. You can eat the'ortica boiled or raw as a salad.

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Yarrow -Achillea

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the plant yarrow - Achillea millefolium- is very important in magic and healing for its effect.
already in the old antique folk medicine due to its many essential oils and pebbles we find the yarrow as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory remedy. it was employed as blood breastfeeding, as a tea relieves abdominal pain and bloating, stomach problems and intestinal disorders especially if you cook the tea with fresh chamomile and promotes even sleep. As an ointment, it is used for wound treatment.
The characteristics of its own oils have a particularly on the uterus and on the back muscles.
in the kitchen is also very used dried using us as a powder. In Austria we know the "Nine herb soup" of dandelions, daisies, sorrel, Gundermann, coltsfoot, plantain, nettle, the leaves of violets and yarrow.
in the magic world would for courage, love, the exorcism and Space Clearing, against nightmares, to use psychic powers, clairvoyance and divination to develop, in peace and love spells.
Yarrow tufts were hung over the cradle of infants to keep evil spirits away.
White flowering yarrow belonged in any bridal bouquet to the love of the spouses.
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The mimosa name comes from the greek mime, that actor who expresses feelings and states, this is because some species of mimosas are very sensitive to light and touch and seems to be turned away almost shyly.
In the language of the mimosa flower is shyness, modesty, morality but also in modern times mystery and strong will.
An ancient legend has it that a shepherd over heels in love with a nymph, unable to master his passion, forcing her haunted, for defense, hiding in the woods.
The desperate and exhausted nymph for continuous attacks of the pastor, prayed to the God of Hymen turn it into a flower, and was transformed into a mimosa.
Shamans advised to hide a sprig of Momosa under your pillow if you want to predict events in a dream about their future. In fact, the Momosa is renowned for favoring the dream state, the premonitory dreams but breathing deeply his scent even lucid dreams.
It is also used as a protection both in ritual baths and as fumigation against evil and bills, but also to promote and protect the true love and virginity.
Anch andthe its intense yellow color represents courage, responsibility, strong personality, protection, vitality, divination.

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Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.Sandalwood is the most important timber tree in India of which is under protection and there are 16 types of sandalwood are actually expensive than gold.
A characteristic of the family is the surprising regenerative power of roots. After damaging the mother plant new saplings up to seven meters from the original master will appear. In magic, it is seen as a rebirth, unification, fertility.
Sandalwood has a warm, woody-balsamic, sweet scent of harmony with all other wood scents, but also with floral scents.
the sandalwood is said to have a versatile effect, in the magic and in the healing and cosmetics.
Promotes creativity and imagination, cheer, give peace and contentment, calming against panic and fears, mood swings and insomnia. Sandalwood shows us the way to inner peace and balance.
Psichologisch clears the mind, promotes concentration and alertness, is often used in meditation and Relaxing as smoke.
The australia African shaman often smoke Erten sandalwood around when the deceased for verabschieben and facilitate and accompany the journey to the other dimension to. In India, the most important component of the smoke stakes for demons and cursed is to capture, as an aphrodisiac applies since eternity sexually very stimulating. The magic tools like seal must have cleaned with a smoke of sandalwood, myrrh and pine resin and geschutz werden.Sandelholz awakens spiritual energy, stimulates the creative forces, is used in the Magic analyzes.

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Lavender is a plant rich in essential oils that give it an antispasmodic and sedative action on the nervous system is use a case of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, headaches and chronic migraines, stress and insomnia.
Its active ingredients play a soothing and balsamic action on the respiratory system, combined with the mint is used with good results in treating all colds: flu, coughs, colds and catarrh.
Moreover lavender limits the formation of stagnation in the gastro-intestinal gas, calms pain and abdominal cramps and helps to stretch the muscles of the abdomen and the formation of air in the gastrointestinal tract.
In external use the employ for its detergents, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, healing and decongestant: decoctions to cleanse wounds, relieve itching reduce oral irritations.
In magic lavender occupies a place of honor for centuries in fact, thanks to the purifying virtues and defensive is used to prepare protective incense, purifiers and rituals and bags to attract amore.Le healers gathered the stems to make bunches and hang to dry with rosemary and sage in the front door and then burned.
The dried leaves are used as a bed to rest the charcoal burning incense. The flowers were scattered around the house perfume it to purify it but also for fostering peace . Under the pillow it promotes breathing and clears the dreams and prophetic visions. an infusion or tee for meditation or relax deeply is obtained by mixing lavender with chamomile or jasmine flowers and mix it with honey after boiling. with lavender flowers and pine needles you can prepare a bag to put in the bath water against melancholy and sadness or muscle pain.

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Mariegold magic recipe

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Recipe for an anti-inflammatory oil, with a healing and soothing action, promotes the regeneration of tissues and calming.
Fill a sterilized glass jar of flowers or marigold petals, then pour almond oil or mixed oil of virgin olive oil and seed oil and fill various shaking it not to create bubbles, flowers must be completely covered with oil d. close and leave about 3 weeks,
shaking once a day, after three weeks filter through cheesecloth and squeeze with the marigold flowers in oil and store the oil in a dark glass jar in a cool place. attention during the preparation does not leave the oil in direct sunlight.
Recipe for a decoction to drink warm against menstrual pain, cystitis, help in diets for its diuretic, or pain in the gastrointestinal tract, or to use as a compress in small wounds and scars.
Boil a glass of water and pour over a handful of marigold flowers letting it soak for about 10 minutes. decoction used to the cold compresses should be stored in a glass jar, the hot one should be drunk immediately by adding honey but not sugar.
Recipe of the emollient cream, antinffiamatoria, against small dermatitis and redness, for dry skin, sunburn, rashes, sore nipples from breastfeeding, acts against free radicals, small dermatitis, screpolature.Viene used much as an ointment for diaper rash from children and the elderly confined to bed permanently. Prepare the cream with 100 grams of beeswax and 100 ml of calendula oil or 100 grams of beeswax and 100 ml of virgin olive oil in which you have broken up with their hands two handfuls of marigold flowers. put everything in a pot, if you want you can also add honey or 50 grams of grated Vaseline, heat over low heat to melt the entire stirring with a wooden spoon until all ingredients are melted and blended together homogeneously. Remember not boil!
Then with a strainer strain the all-if you have used freschi- flowers in a sterilized glass jar or in a sterilized jar found in pharmacies.

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The Almond tree

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The first tree to bloom in the spring is the almond tree, and why in almost all ancient traditions symbolizes the rebirth of nature, the resurrection, fertility and pregnancy, but also the symbol of what life is short. Often even the almond tree blooms in late winter symbolizing not only the revival but also hope, and the wisdom to be fearless.
The almond tree secretes resin, which can be collected in the form of drops with which the ancient Greeks were burning incense against disease and evil spirits. Its delicate fragrance disinfects, cleans and purifies. The vine almond widely used in cooking for its flavor, is produced by almond marzipan and special medieval recipes with meat and fish. In medicine and herbal medicine we use the shell of pulverized almonds to cleanse the skin, the oil to nourish, moisturize, soften and massage.
the famous physician Dioscorides considered the miraculous bitter almonds: Dioscurides considered as a remedy for almost everything: for external use eliminates sun spots, promotes menstruation, relieves headaches and soothes ulcers, internal use relieves pain, promotes sleep, helps fight cough and liver disease.
Even in the magical tradition almond it has always been very important for its symbolic meaning, fruits, leaves and tree were used in rituals to promote wealth, prosperity and everything about money and finances. The leaves were used in rituals to enhance the inner power and get new ideas and inspiration. The flowers were a tribute to the Goddess in marriage ceremonies and births to propitiate long life and good luck, in fact, the flowers represent the hope of the future, they were used in magic to aid fertility and fecundity.
almond fruit is also as divine symbol since ancient times because it is the essential that lies beneath appearances: break the shell of the almond and get to the fruit is a difficult operation and symbolizes the end of a journey, the arrival at the Supreme Knowledge , to wisdom.
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The Hazeltree

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The hazel tree belongs to the family of the core Betullacee, of this plant are used fruit, bark, leaves and flowers ... everything! For the Celts was an important tree, they believed in the existence of a source, the well of Connle, on which were the branches of the nine hazels of poetic art and who had eaten the fruit would acquire wisdom. For this reason the fruit of this tree, protected by its shell, was seen by the Celts as a symbolic reference to the inner wisdom but also some symbol of fertilization and fertility because the fruit protected by the shell symbolizes protection and uterus materno. the Celts with his wood construct magic wands, brooms rituals, the peanuts were offered in the wedding the bride and groom as a wish for fertility.
But the fact also has a predictive power, the tradition says that the wood core has the power to reveal all that is hidden. For that dowsers are often used to use a forked twig done just with the hazel wood. It is said that the heart knows the secrets of the earth, and the earth is near, with its roots that branch directly from the ground, as if he did not wish to detach too. Even in herbal medicine and green medicine the hazelnut is very much used, the kernel oil has an astringent and is used in the treatment against acne and oily skin but it is also a good ally against bronchial and lung problems. The decoctions of leaves and bark when applied have antioxidant and soothing, then against wrinkles, stretch marks, sensitive skin and wound-healing property. But drinking helps against a bleeding nose and menstrual flow, invigorates blood circulation, against hemorrhoids, the decoction of the flowers of hazel catkins that much help in the treatment against obesity and weight-loss diets.

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The Myrtle

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the myrtle plant was considered sacred by the Romans and Greeks and symbolized the blackberries in all its forms, from the search for true love, the creation of family, fertility, aphrodisiac, to protect the family from external attachhi, the purification of the house and the people, peace, harmony, prosperity. The legend says that Venus -Dea of Love-born from the foam of the waves will upholster myrtle to dress. The powdered leaves in a mortar together with grains of frankincense and 3 drops of olives are a good fumigation against attacks hidden and open the psychic channels. The flowers are placed inside the bags to attract true love. the Romans used to do often with a wreath of myrtle branches that virgin girls wore at parties to find true love, and the warriors to win wars and promote peace among peoples. Also in Greek mythology heroes they were rapprsentati with a crown of myrtle on his head to symbolize courage and heroic virtue and high moral and honesty. The myrtle plant is beneficial for sensitive skin, is a plant with antibiotic and anti-allergic property.

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The Misltetoe

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Druids used it in sacred ceremonies and celebrations of purification, while Celti- who called oloiacet- believed that this' tree was born where lightning had fallen and that a particular drink made from this plant was a powerful elixir against sterility. It was a symbol of resurrection and survival, symbol of the Moon because the berries glisten in the starry nights,
The garlands are a symbol of victory and eternity and protect the inhabitants of the house from spells e ghosts for peace, luck and harmony.La plant has no roots and lives attached to the trunk of other trees was considered manifestation of the gods who live in heaven; touching the ground would have meant losing their precious powers. In fact, if used well it had miraculous healing effects and, if misused could poisonous.
It belongs to the Scandinavian countries the custom to greet the arrival of the new year kissing under the mistletoe. for the Masons is the winter solstice so the immortality, the life that overcomes diseases, the divine essence that never dies.
Happy New Year!

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Pinecone in magic

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the pine cone in magic symbolizes regeneration both in life and in bodily injury and psicologic.for the Masons was a symbol of enlightenment, resurrection, eternal life and regeneration. The Celtic people used the pine cones in rituals to build tha magic circle to protect .often was also used in the magic of love and rituals that promote conception. In the most important traditions of worship and sacred figures they held a stick on top of which there was depicted a pine cone to symbolize the union and high microcosm with the macrocosm and the feminine with the masculine. It symbolizes the pineal gland also called esoterically the abode of the spirit for which the third eye, the awakening and opening of this chakra raises us to a leading spiritual level . pine cone symbolizes the germination, life, nutrition, the bud, the power of the female energy.

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