Recipe for a cellulite scrub

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Recipe for my cellulite scrub coffee! scrub: Before you make a nice coffee-)))) uses the coffee - lukewarm powder, mix with brown sugar and if you want a bit of fresh grated peperoncino or the seeds that are inside, more resembling more pike helps microcirculation, otherwise needles of fresh rosemary, united everything with olive oil, and scrub scrub the affected area, you can also put it on the first area and wrap with plastic wrap and you're in the warmth, and after about 30 minutes remove the foil and with greasy oil hands massage well the part of the body where you have cellulite
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Magic Smokes

magic recipesPosted by sguardoesoterik 2017-06-05 14:28:37
Herbs and resins of October?
Today I recommend the ingredients for magic smokes.

We want to encourage communication with angels and spirit guides or deceased? Incense in grains, eucalyptus leaves and ginger root.

We want to let go of a situation or a person to be able to start in our lives?Myrrha beans, leaves of sage green, drops of amber.

We want to attract your true love? orris root, incense gold beans, rose petals or lavender flowers.

To encourage meditation? of sweet flag roots, berries or mistletoe leaves, mint leaves.

To develop our hidden faculties? Verbena leaves, nutmeg, wormwood leaves.
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How to make a salt bath quite natural?

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To make a salt bath as one of the photo takes just a few ingredients, some may naturally be chosen as the type of salt, the plant or flowers or fruit or vegetables that you want to include in the bathrooms.
for example you can grate carrots or cucumbers or apples or peel of orange or lemon or chocolate, or chop fresh rose petals or even crush them in a mortar with a little salt and so do also with herbs such as rosemary, cinnamon, sage, mint or vanilla pods or coffee beans. you can use coarse or fine sea salt combined with epson salt or salt of Hymalaia, also add a little honey or milk right away if you want to use the salt bath and make it more hydratant yet. If you have more time you can also, using citrus, squeeze the juice and put it on the big grains of salt and let it soak for a few days, always remember that the salt must be moved often and left to air. Then mix everything and put back into an organza or linen bag and put in the bath and relax .. in the arms of nature!

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