Black Turmaline

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Very well known and applied in ancient times before Christ is the BLACK TURMALINE.

Already the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians, in general, of the traveling people, recognized that the tourmalines are pyroelectric crystals, which build up by heating or rubbing magnetic poles and becomes extremely magnetic.
According to a legend from Egypt, the tourmaline traveled from the interior of the earth over the rainbow of the antique God, up to the sun, which he brought to light.
In the magic, the black tourmaline is used to ward off black magic and eliminate its own or foreign negativities and emotions and energies.

The ancient Egyptians process the black tourmaline in chains to make love and friendships. No one Crystal have so much power to vanish black magic and bad evils or entities.Against energiesvampire and absorbing and transforming of negative and bad energies and thoughts and feelings.Psychologically and mentally, the soul and the psyche of envy, jealousy and misery of other people.

While it frees itself from negative energies, it strengthens the concentration and the attention and promotes the expression of creativity and creates a relaxed calm atmosphere and acts against anxiety. Helps with stress and mismanagement. This healing stone allows confidence and perseverance to develop.

Body: cleans the nervous system and solves complaints caused by internal blockage and is suitable for scarring.
The black tourmaline relieves arthritis, heart disease, and strengthens the muscle system and stimulates the vitality.

Tourmaline can be worn as a trailer but can also be placed at home or in the working area because it has electromagnetic radiation influences such as earth and computer radiation neutralization.

To maintain and unload regularly, clean under running lukewarm water. Then the Black Tourmaline is recharged in the sunlight
re-establish their magnetic properties.

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RHODONITE: Healing stone for our psyche

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RHODONITE: Healing stone for our psyche

Wear best against depression and anxiety as a supporter in the heart. Rhodonite gives us rest and is suitable for meditation. Naturally, all of the Heisteins are only to be used as a supporting treatment.

The pink colored healing stone has a balancing effect on mood fluctuations: from the emotional chaos becomes clarity and transforms the way of communication.

Rhodonite gives us the power to change and makes us active in the realization of our dreams and wishes, which perhaps seem impossible and will olve blockadge and fear. It helps us to fight and to make the best of any situation and to keep nerves in dangerous situations or atrocities.

Rhodonite helps in the heart and circulatory system, but also in the respiratory system because it strengthens the lungs.

To clean the stone the best way is to wash under rainwater or running water and occasionally place unter sunlight .

In magic is applied in magic bags to preserve beauty or also to promote harmony in the family and fortifications in communication in friendships and relationships too.

In addition to the disturbance, it also gives us a soothing feeling and helps us to transform ourselves and heal all the psychological wound from the past situations.

The tradition says that the Romans often wore a rhodonite chain to protect themselves from the risks and dangers of long journeys.

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Amber is a fossil resin from coniferous, colors of yellow to reddish. Is classified as stone or chrystal for their property even if it is not, it is one of the most resins used in ancient times in all traditions, the Mother Goddess symbol for Celtic priestesses, resin they lived in the souls of dead animals for the Chinese, amber necklaces adorned the neck of the Christian priests, found in necklaces and pendants in nordgemance and northern European graves.
It is not as capable as the stones and the crystals cleanse and rejuvenate so you have very often wash it with cold tap water and if you break throw in the woods or in a watercourse.
Amber is a resin that absorbs perfectly diseases both physical and psychological extracting them from the body, often covered by a patch is applied to soothe aching muscles and tendons, being soft chewing it helps against toothache and against inflammation to digestive and respiratory systems .
Amber reactivates our power of self-healing, in fact, gives us not only energy, optimism, self-confidence, self-awareness, but also helps fight negative and self-destructive thoughts.
Magically provides protection by absorbing the negativity, often it was placed around the neck or in the cradle of infants, to improve health.
It helps concentration, relaxation, purifies the air and electromagnetic fields.
We can put it under your pillow or carry it with us in a bag or pocket, or in the form of pendant.
In magic, especially in Arab countries, pulverized Tea and mixed to pure frankincense is fumigated to prevent outbreaks of disease and to purify the environment and roads. You can even take a bath with an odd number of amber beads for purification, keep them in hand to help us by meditate and protection during rituals. In ancient times the powder was mixed with incense and pink or lavender in bags or in the rituals of love and fruitfulness, with rosemary and bay leaves to attract success and fortune.
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Fluorite is famous to have a special healing effect for a long time.
Violet fluorite: is good for the head and brain.
Green fluorite: has a positive effect on the lungs, improves the absorption capacity and restricts the level of examinations, concentrates, brings clarity int chaos stuctions.
Reddish fluorite: stabilizes the psyche, gives more flexibility, sensitizes the intuition, strengthens the concentration and gives more sense of responsibility.
Regenbogenfluorit: he brings us something from every stone and puts us completely in his way in harmony and balance with ourselves, slips and cleans the body.
Blue fluorite: in colds, infections, in children for concentration disorders.
Yellow fluorite: in the case of spleen, kidney and bladder diseases, blood cleansing and also helps with damaged liver tissue.
Violet fluorite: brings mind and body in harmony with headache and migraine. Helps love and intuition to develop and unfold.
The fluorite should be unloaded and cleaned once a week under running lukewarm water and then recharged in the sun.
Suitable for meditation, wear directly on the skin, better if put directly on the 3 eye. Drink a glass of fluorite water daily, just put a piece of pure fluorite into the water.
The fluorite water stimulates the regeneration of the skin, heals it with pimples and wounds, frees the airways, bones and teeth, affects posture, prevents caries and gum infections, helps with arthritis and osteoporosis.
In magic, protectives given to the fluorite are protected against dark powers and beings. Is also an optimal meditation stone.
In China, the stone was worn as a lucky charm protecting black magic and suicide thoughts.
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According to legend, a siren jumped into the water a clear color stone, was the aquamarine and has since been called the stone protector of those who go to sea, it is said that aquamarine can protect their lives in case of squalls and storms . All aquamarine are attributed different qualities since ancient times, gives chiarezzae clear mind, he gives the power to be able to distinguish good from evil, gives the power of clairvoyance, gives courage to solve situazion and issues left, gives determination, strength to cope with change and self-confidence. The aquamarine is a miraculous and powerful source of interior and spiritual growth, gives us confidence, vision, peace, help us to express our creativity, fights anxieties and fears.
In the body it is a great help because adjusts the hormonal system and helps the digestive and respiratory systems, improves eyesight and combats respiratory disorder caused by allergies. The aquamarine is the stone of harmonization and balance, gives peace by eliminating confusion, empathy helps people to balance the energies they receive from other people and to filter our own emotions and energies.

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The Rockcrystal

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rock crystal is a hyaline quartz with enormous magic and healing is also called Queen of Stone, the queen of the stones for its purifying qualities. In the purification of the chakras is often used ,laying it in the head chakras, the seventh chakra to purify. the name derives from the greek chrystallos meaning "clear ice". The ancient Greeks believed that rock crystal was ice solidified.
According to popular beliefs we should place two crystals on the soles of the feet to immediately reduce fever and lower body temperature.
Australian Aborigines called quartz mabain and used it to obtain and enhance their powers because it was said to have hypnotic qualities and divination fact many crystal balls are made with rock crystal.
the shamans called the stone of light because it captures the essence of light that is the divine spirit.
This crystal is used in crystal therapy, in magic and healing to boost and strengthen the energy of crystals and other stones, but also because it has the power to act as a filter with negative energies also electromagnetic. It is recommended to place it near the door of entry of the houses near the windows, computers and televisions and phones. The elixir of rock crystal is great for eliminating toxins, soothe toothaches, cleanse the stomach and intestines, put a whole night in a glass jug full of water a beautiful rock crystal pure and not working and the next day you drink acqua. good for develope the concentration, harmony, trust and self-confidence, positioned on the temples defeats headaches. Psychologically helps us to let emerge from the unconscious and subconscious memories, it helps us in the regressions, energizes and transforms harmful energies. Wicca witches often use it to create wands also called command wands or the magic circle to the protective properties it counteracts evil eye and black magic.
You can load the moonlight or sunlight, rinse with cold tap water preferably in a spontaneous source.
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Amethyst is a pure stone of many facets and a thousand powers.the legend, a beautiful nymph named Ametis was transformed by the goddess Diana in a shining stone to save her from the passion of Bacco.Il name it derives from the greek amuthustein that means not being drunk. In fact, it gives the power to combat drunkenness .Questa stone is pure and belongs to the family of quartz. Psychologically reinforces the mood defeating evil thoughts, fears, panic, phobias, nostalgia, sadness and stress, complex of inferiority esviluppa the capacity of love. In ancient times many men regalvano women an amethyst ring to be loved and ensure loyalty. If the evening after a hard day you hold in your palm an amethyst will feel relaxed, calm, full of strength and optimism. This stone gives it balance that becomes peace and harmony even restlessness .Esoteric: meditations is placed on the third eye, developing clairvoyance, the introspection, stimulates intuition, favorisc and spiritual journeys, and brings prophetic dreams. very often it can be held overnight in spring water and then the water is drunk to internalize its properties.
its purple color is very important for its depth and purity, color purity, purification, of divine love and universal, symbolizes mistery, magic, wisdom, eroticism and justice. very often the amethyst crystal is defined sacredness of divine justice.

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Carnelian stone

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Carnelian is a very special stone that helps us in case of nervousness, find the inner balance and courage, promotes good mood, vitatalitaet Wellbeing helps fight depression, confusion, strengthens the hold asset. by its color, the Greeks called it the recurring sun. very used and known in almost all ancient traditions and Volker, Worry friesenstein after death, as force-giving rock, the holy stone,
massage the stone on the solar plexus or in set the stone in fresh water pure and after a night you can trink the water.

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