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Kenaz - the sixth rune of the runic alphabet - is very important runes who mean torch as a symbol of knowledge and intellect, illuminates us giving us divine Ispiration. Kenaz is also the rune of healing and inner light and wisdom.

And Kenan is the rune of fire that purify us and our energy to increase the level, and generates transformations-creations and rebirthing. Indicates passion - regeneration - heat.

Kenaz to the law always presages a change above all in which we must let ourselves be guided by our intuition but also by our inner self-transformation and therefore advises us to accept this change but not to be passive therefore build and reflect. Kenaz gives us new possibilities and ways of salvation in fact Kenaz is like a liberating fire that frees us from something or someone. Kenaz offers us new perspectives and indicates that the time has come to evolve helps this evolution with harmony and benefits.

Overturned Kenaz indicates weakness - loss - destruction - stubbornness - prejudices and mental closure, but also changes that mark the end of something both in the field of work and the presence of people in our lives. Overturned Kenaz indicates that our personality is changing and blocks on what we do.

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Ingwaz, Ing, Inguz

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Twentieth Rune: Ingwaz, also called Ing and Inguz, is a defined earthly rune representing fertility and life in seed and seed.

In fact, Ingwaw is an awakening and a departure from lethargy, a potential just discovered in us, a new life cycle or a material project that takes shape. This is a very strong rune that marks a new path and a new beginning but also solves something open and unfinished. Inguz also brings us with his feet to the ground reminding us that even in the lucky moments of life we ​​must not leave anything to chance but work hard and force ourselves. Inguz gives us fertility but sower is us.

Inguz also symbolizes conception, a person who has to do with earth and nature, abundance and prosperity, but not greed, financial and personal growth, even a moment of emotionally small conflicts is mitigated by Ingwaz's influence. It gives us moments of creativity that we can express, harmony, peace and physical well-being.

The rune, in fact, is associated with lunar effects on the psyche of people and animals but also on the earth and how to work it. It gives us the energetic and physical forces to do the job or end a task.

It is defined as the rune of the family and sexuality, genetics and biology.

Ingwaz is a male rune because his name comes from Ing, God of Earth revered by the Danes running with his wagon, which in other traditions was identified as Freyr, the God of fertility, the son of Nertus, that is, Mother Earth.

If you endure the divination this rune falls to the reverse we must pay attention to our work, to our doubts and denotes uncertainties, pessimism, unstable and unsatisfactory work.

It is associated with the Apple tree, a tree that symbolizes genealogy.

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Rune Algiz

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ALGIZ, also called Elahz or Ihwar, is a protection rune. Algiz is more of a help, it is a very strong and effective protective shield. Its shape symbolizes the open hand that gives protection but remember the horns of the moose and the deer, symbols of rebirth, abbey and fertility. Algiz represents the realization of our magic and spiritual journey, it infuses us into self-confidence, intuitions, allows us to connect with divine, courage.

If you throw it straight this rune advises us that it's time to stop being afraid and risking a new path, be it in love or career or idea. It certainly warns us that we are protected both in hostile situations and in contact with people who can pose a danger, but it invites us to reason and follow ourselves and our sixth sense.

If thrown upside down the rune warns us of being cautious and not acting impulsively and imprudent. # Larunaalgiz # upside down also symbolizes being surrounded by untrustworthy people and negative energies so we must be ready to defend ourselves and keep our eyes open to identify obstacles and dangers.

He invites us to help other people without letting us abuse our self-sacrifice and be repugnant to ourselves.

Rite to reject hostile forces and negative energies:

Concentrate and image from you, you create a circle of red shields in which # runaalgiz # is symbolized. This wizard must grow thicker to envelop you completely as if you were born into an egg. Try to feel the strength of the rune and its great protective capability.

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it will called Raitho, Raid too and symbolizes the chariot of the God Thor, then travel, movement, change and transformation. As for the trips not only represents those materials, then go away, traveling from one place to another but also a voyage of discovery of ourselves, a journey into our inner self that can happen because we want it or because we are forced to situations and external events. It also means guidance, command, that we come to the right place, we take the reins of our lives and we act with courage and freedom.
This rune indicates everything that moves not just the means of transport, business, occupations and hobbies related to the movement but also the energy that gives us strength, vitality and movement and moving within us.
Raido teaches us to recognize this energy and transform it and use it.
It teaches us to take care of ourselves and discover new worlds, meeting new people and peoples, to open ourselves mentally and be actively authors of our destiny. Raido is the Rune that gives us perseverance, brilliance, power, was used in the Druid magic to the rites which called for the help and the power for both themselves both nell' start new businesses.
To reverse the rune symbolizes delays, failures, conflicts, separations, warns us that we need help, but we need to evaluate people, a journey that does not end well, a deal that does not go into port or a trip to unexpected reason.
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Rune Perth

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Perth is the rune of change, is the rune that urges us to change and look at life with optimism and audacity, teaches us that fate is the overall result of the decisions and choices we make during our lives and thus to assume a active attitude and to create the reality you want to live even if any changes can lead to confusion and difficulty. Perth fact we want to focus on what's really important, to make our own decisions abandoning insecurities and fears
Perth is more than any other rune joy, joy and exuberance even if it invites us not exaggerate. But also it announces the material things that come into the open as winnings, lucky breaks, pregnancy, decisions, projects that result in work or in love. Inverted indicates confusion, negative and harmful influences from the outside, terrible secrets, indecision, mental instability, ritardi-
Perth symbolizes knowledge or project that are hidden, an inner secret to keep in order to later be born and materialized.
Perth is assocciata the goddess Frigg, wife of Odin who dressed as a cloak of hawk feathers, can travel in the sky, and has the gift of clairvoyance, the symbol of the Great Mother assisting couples, helps pregnant women and infertile women and exhibition at innocent women how to recognize the true love.
Perth symbolizes our inner self the talents and hidden skills, talents that do not occur, or that we can not see or hide well to the outside world.

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Rune Berkana

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Berkana Bjarka also called, is the rune that is associated with birch, a very positive rune that expresses and symbolizes femininity in all the most hidden meanings, from announcement of pregnancy to women, to children but also to be understood as ferticlità fertile ideas , conceiving ideas, implement and achieve something, but also to start something new or a new life, a new relationship is love, friendship or work. so even a run ache shows us that we are looking for ourselves and we are finding ourselves, capendoci, recognizing. Even in the sexual side this rune indicates the sexual act that comes from feeling true and deep and leads to conception. Berkana is a huge energy that reminds us of the Mother Earth so venerated in Nordic and Celtic traditions, with the birch were built cradles it Cots, parchments which was engraved the symbol of the rune to invoke prosperity, security and peace.
If the rune Berkana emerges overturned this rune indicates immaturity, confusion, abandonment, delays, mental rigidity and physical stunting, disharmony, but also lust.

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Rune Uruz

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The meaning of URUZ is "aurochs", the wild bull who lived moors.
It symbolizes a wild energy, uninhibited, untouched that uncontrolled can become aggressive. This energy is pure and can be shaped and inidirizzata our willpower creating big changes in life.
Uruz embodies our primal instinct that wins all the destructive forces and strength of transformation helping us to be reborn in a new way.
It gives us courage, determination, virility, an iron and resistance.
The old Germanic peoples gave her the power to drive away evil spirits and diseases that they caused.
Uruz brings major changes in physical or mental disability which can also be aggressive but they are a symbol of emotional and spiritual healing.
In Magic it has dangerous and difficult to use as it unleashes a force and an enormous power as a power that has to be controlled so destructive.

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a rune with great significance and primordial force. Mannaz is the man, the humanity, the ancestors. also symbolizes the union between the divine and the human and the divine in us, it also symbolizes the primordial beginning, the cosmic egg that is a divine reality that is still to be able to transform, menstruation, the moon and the lunar magic, the transition and the return to life and death. everything at us is unconscious, lunar, unknown, magic, psychology is represented by Mannaz.
the rune Mannaz can be of help to develop memory, to analyze our unconscious and understand better, and to understand others better, it helps to keep alive the instinct of survival, enhance memory, this rune is also an invitation to those who remember We, our blood, our descendants, our genetic inheritance, the strong bond with our ancestors also died. but Mannaz also means the human interdependence, the need that others have of us and we need them, the intelligence and human help.

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