The Sacral chakra

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Mooladhara, also called by Hindu Swadhistana, is the sacral chakra, one of the main chakras. In Sanskrit it means root while for Hindus it means dwelling, and it is the chakra placed at the base of the vertebral column under the sacrum. When you hear talk of awakening the energy of Kundalini you work with this Chakra because in it is located the vital energy that is the Kundalini.The Sacral Chakra absorbs the energy of the earth and having a vertical orientation manages to release the tensions letting them flow up to the chakra of the feet. In fact, this chakra is the energy center from which the sexual instincts are born, the innermost impulses linked to creation and fruitfulness as a function of the regeneration of oneself and of the species.

The chakra is defined that connects our inner world to the external world and is associated with the element of water and the orange color, symbol of the nature of our true inner I and of practical, emotional and fertile creativity, success and sexuality.

The water element represents the world of the unconscious and subconscious therefore our primordial forces and instincts of survival and is the center of our emotions and of how they affect our life, in fact the working perception of the sacral chlkra manifests itself in living satisfactorily the interpersonal relationships, our success suffers because it gives us motivation, wellness ideas, makes us able to express our creativity and also to live a sexually healthy life both under physical as well as emotional and mental. Already in children it has been observed that in balanced sacral chakra it influences their learning of primary functions such as sleeping or eating or being thirsty, but also the trust in parents, the desire to experiment and the pursuit of pleasure.

In fact, we have noticed huge imbalances and a partial closure of the chakra in people who have suffered violence and abuse, primarily on a sexual level, thus also triggering guilt and shame, fear of sex and addictions but also in the case of serious emotional abuse as the denial of absolving primary needs like sleeping or eating but also preventing emotional growth and relationships with other children or preventing the growth of one's personality.

People who have suffered these abuses, if not help with appropriate therapies, often live in their trauma and manifest themselves differently in some dependencies on substances, food or sex, others can not relate to people, others become self-destructive denying the possibility of satisfying their own needs and above all they have big sexual problems from not living sex to live it in a wild and perverse way.

At the corporal level, the sacral chakra controls the kidneys and their functioning, the central nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the intestinal and genital organs and the adrenal glands which are endocrine glands responsible for the production of andrenaline.

On a psychological level, it symbolizes our survival instinct and the sense of right both at the mental, emotional, sensory and practical levels, creativity,

When the Sacral chakra is blocked, sexuality is not experienced or experienced perversely, and even at the character level there is an excess of anger, fanaticism, fear and mental rigidity. While if it goes too fast, it will manifest an excess of attachment to material things and aggressive behavior that can lead to violence.

The imbalances of the sacral chakra also involve the chakras of the third eye and of the crown as they are closely linked by the glandular system, so an imbalance could cause musculoskeletal problems in the spine but also intestinal dysfunction and inflammation of the genital apparatus as well as you're psychologically characterized by phobias and anxieties, insecurity and lack of self-esteem and distress.

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Green color in the aura

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A multitude of meanings for green color when it appears in our aura!
The GREEN color contains two definite meanings, namely stability and being rooted and helping other people in many forms, such as medical and paramedical professions, but also teaching or therapeutic sports.
More the green is electric especially in the area of ​​the arms and hands the closer you are to have the qualities of the healing healers with your own energy.
A emerald green with its characteristics can also cure a great intuition and inner faith and high moral values ​​and an intense passion for healing that goes beyond material and personal gain.
Lively green is a color often found in people who after a period of research and inner psychological and spiritual journey have opened up to others.
The green light apple symbolizes strong vitality and good health while sprinkled with gray or rough streaks shows a clever personality with few scruples. An opaque green also shows jealousies and envy and represents a very selfish and narcissistic person.
Attempts to yellow streaks or yellow or rusty flashes in the green, because these symbolize a deceptive, hypocritical, and jealous character.
Instead, the light blue color such blue sky color mixed with green or streaked gives us courage and sacrifice, but also the search for inner beauty and sincerity. But it also denotes a compassionate and sympathetic person that easily adapts to the situation of life.
Path from red stripes green shows the stability and sense of responsibility. It symbolizes the traits of a balanced and serious person who loves family life and is committed to building a future. A dark green demonstrates problems of insecurity and low self-esteem and frustration,
Green represents in the body the heart area and our inner balance, but also the search for fidelity and safety in life and weigh and not act impulsively. Green is also the color of growth that approaches nature so an energizing and revitalizing color that purifies and fills us, the color of rebirth.

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Crown chakra

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The Chakra of the Crown - Sahasrara - the seventh chakra - is at the top of the head - what is commonly called the children's fountain - and governs the pineal gland and the nervous system. It is linked to purple color and is also known as the Lotus by a thousand petals. This chakra lies on our head a few millimeters.

The Crown Chakra is what allows us to connect with our superior IO and with the divine and the universe.

In fact, when this chakra is open we are one with the universe and our energetic has direct contact with the highest spiritual spheres of ourselves and our purest divine essence allowing us to have wonderful experiences as memories of previous lives Or the awakening of our extrasensory senses. It seems almost to live so-called spiritual enlightenment, because we are balanced and our healing forces do not only act on ourselves but on other people and on the environment without us doing anything to use them.

When it is dirty or disharmonized we will feel alone and desperate and have a change of mind, creating only negative thoughts and energies that also affect people around us and attracting other energies that undermine our inner balance deeply and also cause serious psychological and corporal disturbances. We will feel closed and proud and intolerant.

When the chakra of the crown is activated, he absorbs and leaves all the chakras in the universal energy, and with its great power it eliminates the blocks and malfunctions.

Crown chakra is never locked but we have never been accustomed to using it in the best way it is as if sleeping awaiting awakening.

How to activate it?

First of all, this is a long process so let us arm ourselves with so much patience and humility.

There are several ways to activate it as deep meditation or some prefer to practice yoga or zen while others prefer contact with the pure apiu natur so spend some days alone in the mountains.

People who have a sensory connection with crystals meditate on amethysts or crystals of violet colors or other people begin to awaken propia spirituality while waiting for the chakra to wake up alone or others use the technique of gratitude trying to be grateful for everything that It happens to be seen as an integral part of the awakening path and learning from its own mistakes.

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Red colour in the aura

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RED in the aura color is a very important color if it appears in our aura, especially if it is the most colour we find in the aura. That is the color of passion, the strength, the will, the aggressiveness, the materiality, the dynamism, the anger that seeks the result of the changes, of desire, of the appetite not only of food.
If it is the predominant color in the aura denotes a very exuberant and etroversa but also calculator. Very important for the aura is the shade of red, and as the red blends in with the other colors of the aura.
Coralline red light indicates insecurities and childishness. Yellowish red tending to dark yellow means a person who tends to want to improve, is active in the process the anger and seek change to itself and in relations with other people, rather it strives to help other people. Scarlet red indicates a person who is too sure of himself, proud .Rosso vermilion indicates a person who tends to nervousness, anxiety and distress. Brownish red indicates a person who criticizes and creates intrigue. when red is dark and dense, denotes destructive impulses, even latent aggressiveness and selfishness, sexual perversion, a person offensive and calculator, anger, impulsiveness, impetuosity, cunning and nervousness. red fact indicates diseases of the nervous system and psychological and psychiatric disorders. A red accompanied by greenish streaks indicates the desire for constructive human contacts and strong will to be realized both in professional life and in the sentimental life.persons who has red in his aura tries to prove not to be afraid, they are people who struggle, they have a lot of energy and they are also the people who manage to be in the spontaneous outbursts or make decisions.

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The heart chakra

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The heart chakra called Anahata is the fourth main chakras. It symbolizes the ability to love emotionally that is the pure love that isemathy comes from the heart that unites and connects soul, spirit and body, so there is an external sessualhis love and radiates it becomes compassion. And the courage chakra to be themselves, of being able to forgive and love unconditionally, the sense of fellowship with other people and the world around us, gives us the ability to get in tune with our creative side, it gives us a sense tactile and empathetic.
The heart chakra is situated in the pectoral area connected not only with the heart but also with skin, blood circulation and lungs, thymus gland wing. It not by chance belongs to air element.
Is symbolized by a green or pink lotus flower with twelve petals, the center of which is a star to six points, a triangle formed by the spirit that descends to the matter and a triangle of matter that goes up to the spirit then a symbol of perfection and equilibrio.Il heart chakra is the one that links the three centers of the lower chakras with the top ones so the physical and emotional centers for mental and spiritual centers.
When the heart chakra is almost closed meaning that the person has suffered a serious injury that may be the death of a loved one or for example the end of a great love or a great disappointment in the field sentimental. If this person closes in on itself, it becomes cold and no longer able to love it there to forgive, if flees every relationship and emotional contact, and every affection may also have some health problems such as breathing or circulation problems, back problems and the hands and braccia.Nei more serious cases such as abuse or ill-treatment at an early age not only physical but also psychological can cause serious problems to the immune system.

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