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little SPELL to get something you want. for example you want to buy a house and there are so much concurrent?

Go in the nightor afternoon out of this home closed the entry -the best days are sunday and thursday. take a handful of fine salt and spread it to the sides and at the entrance saying these words : if it is my fate that it will be mine. if it is not my fate this salt will bring me my home . i want it and it will be . stones are weg of my concentrated on your wish and desire.go away and don t look back.

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Finding your energetic place

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What are the energetic places? Find Yours!

Energy sites are places where special energies are emanating from very strong and deep vibrations.

Not only us - like all things - we are enveloped in an electromagnetic field, but the planet Earth is in it and in the Earth when crossing the particular electromagnetic lines create vortices that emit high frequency energy.

This energy allows us to connect not only with our superior ego but also with spiritual guides and the universe.

Today I am looking to analyze the most easily accessible energy sites, but they also give us a strong and concrete energy: all the natural places that reflect the elements. You have to feel and do not rationally decide that a place is your energy place. How this place of power pulsed with energy and life for you.

For example the woods or the sea or a sunny rocky plain.

It's not just about walking in a silent or unspoiled place but being able to feel the energies that emanate the place. A place that gives you harmony and draws you from negative energies by absorbing them and transforming them into positive energies and inner strength ... a place where you feel free ... where the senses seem to awaken and begin to be conscious of the true you And in which you often have deep extrasensory perceptions as visions ... where the power of the element connects you with Mother Earth and the Universe and with the spirits of the beings who lived in that precise place.

Sometimes a small, almost anonymous place can give as much energy as if it was a famous and very visited place.

Often tree branches grow crossing and in these crosses the electromagnetic fields are formed. We think of what power can the union of electromagnetic energy with the strength of the tree and its characteristics - an immense and pure force to which we can draw but remember always that we must be grateful to these places as sacred. Rispettiamoli. Often women called witches brought little presents in sacred places like animal food or water or flower garlands. Very often, too little things to which we do not give meaning create energy: for example, ants with their work and endless walking to look for food and accumulate for the winter, but they also create a solidarity and complicity energy.

Also, it is important not to expect too much from our perceptions or to try to imagine them by convincing them to have them.

We do not seek a place of energy to have esoteric and spiritual views or experiences but to receive them and they will come when the universe decides that we are ready and open and mature to receive this gift.

When you find your energy place sit barefoot and if possible lie down with your back in contact with the ground.

Breathe and wait to concentrate on what you feel and try not to think about anything. You just have to feel and let yourself be wrapped of nature.

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You are going to a carmic passage, carmic passage symblolyze that you solve the carmic task in this life and you are going to be free of carmic influence, thats take time, circa 2 years. after this time you are more stronger as before, you get more vitality and energy, you have new ideas and inspirations, you find out side od you that are deep insight your subconscious and you can use your free will without meet carmic people or go trough carmic influences and situations, the sinn are intuitive and wake, cakras are cleaned and the psyche elaborated old trauma, self heilungspower are aktiv.

in the time you are going trough the carmic passage the life will completely changed and often that causes many problems and fights and a big confusion not only just with other people but with yourself too. it is like you lose the ground, you don t know anymore how you are, if all you did in life was wrong or right, how many chances you didn t use in life, often old friendship get broken, you can get feelings like hormoonsmood, many things and persons you liked before cannot be tolerate now, it is a feelings like searching the right place and right home and yourself, you get more irritable and unsatisfacted like you and your life were a spit that you can not control and what you most need is to be free and change all in you and out of you. by some people this process is during circa 6 months and it is a very hart time, you have the feeling of turning in a vortex quickly in endless.

And when you think you will never end suddenly from the nothingness you are born, you are free, your head thinks logical, shiny thoughts, new ideas take shape and you can concretize them, you have a new, instinctive force in you because the enemy passage is over and you have come back to The origins of yourself but with the baggage of experiences that gave you life and the people who accompanied you on this trip.

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How to separate you from someone else

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How do you exoterically distinguish yourself from a known person who is an energetic vampire or a person with whom you were friends? Do you want this person to continue his journey but without you and leave you alone?

We clarify that it is not about black magic or rituals that infuse suffering or harm and danger to another person, but only to divide your paths and your esoteric and spiritual connection.Take a rope, place the photo of the person you want to remove from you or a ticket with his name and to the right your photo or a ticket with your name, photos or tickets facing each other. Turn on a white candle, the candle should be positioned about half the rope, so balanced in the distance between the photos. At this point concentrate on welcoming this person wishing you the good and continuing your life alone, wish you to find new people who will replace you and your new interests and then wish you all the things you want: peace, not being sought by this person, to undertake a free life full of energy.Turn the photos or the cards outward and imagine how you greet this person forever, cut the ropes with the scissors and hold the two flips imagined as if you and this person walking you head in different directions.Never turn around. When in your imagination the person will disappear, burn the extremities of the two rows of the rope as if to seal your separation. Then bury the rope in different places and away from each other.

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Small propitiatory rites for the new year?

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Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.In the esoteric tradition there are many, from simple rituals with candles against magic bags, the invocations.
I have prepared for you some easy but effective! Important: When you prepare the bag or carried out the ritual you have to do it with feeling, focusing on the purpose as if you were making at the time.
Magic bag for success and finances: in a box of golden or yellow cloth insert the cinnamon powder, 3 small grains of pure incense and a coin petite. close and stitch and pass the smoke of incense or sage 3 times. Always bring your purse.
Parchment magic: in a piece of parchment write your wishes for the new year, you are well careful not to overdo it and to write realistic desires. then go to 3 times the parchment over the smoke of incense and sprinkle with a few drops of holy water, who already aware of high magic can purify and bless the water, preferably rainwater or natural source.
Bag to meet the true love: a red silk square insert 3 red rose petals, 3 white rose petals and myrrh powder. close, incense and keep in the bedroom.
Bag for the home: in a green or white cloth square insert 3 seeds of wheat, 3 grains of coarse salt and 3 grains of incense. close and incense, keep behind the door. Alternatively we could also form a small bunch of herbs tied with a green wire, which of course must be hung before incensing: with rosemary, lavender, wheat ears.
Little jar of glass to be frozen: write all the things that you want to delete, situations, people, habits that you want to turn away from you in a white parchment paper and place in a glass jar and fill it with honey. incense and freeze!

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Samhain Ritual

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Ritual of Samhain to start over and begin a new path, a new phase of life and let go of the past.
Put in a small table, stool or chair, a white candle, a black candle, two sheets of paper, a bottle of magic ink and pen or a bird feather you Found- modern replacement or a pencil-a small smokes made with rosemary, Pure-olibanum- frankincense and ginger and a glass of water or red wine. Create the circle and turn on the charcoal and rests on a little of the smokes, light the black candle, and as you breathe deeply, you write on a sheet of Everything That you want to forget, That Which has hurt you, thinking away from this. Be honest, take your time and let it flow from your unconscious to the emotions. When finished, burne the sheet over the flame of the black candle and bury the ashes under a tree in nature-away from home- or leave scatter to the wind. Then in another sheet write, concentrating how you would like the new beginning, the intentions, trying to be realistic and not get lost in unrealistic and not achievable dreams.
Drink a sip of wine and thanking the Great Goddess or Mother Earth, burne the paper in the flame of the white candle.
Let burn until to end the two candles. Melt the circle.
You bury in the ruins of the white candle and the ashes of the white sheet on a seedling at home, preferably in still young seedling symbolizing growth and development. Blessings sisters witches!

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The magic knotes and ritual

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Of ancient Celtic and northern Germanic origin, node magic unleashes a fascinating magical tradition that has since handed on from generation to generation until today. It is said that and Celtic sailors brought with them on their long journeys, a cin rope which had been twisted by a witch 3 nodes, these nodes the witch had bound the winds, the sailor melted nodes only when needed for a particular wind .
Over time, the magic of the nodes has taken on forms and negative meanings through interpretations of the Bible in which is expressed the command to stay away from tying the knot.
But like any form of magic, the magic of the nodes that can be used in more positive form. The driving force for the success of the magic is to know how to tie knots over the concentration, the feelings we have and the desire for the success of the ritual. So never make a ritual only in automatic form because it would never work.
Following the original tradition of using the rope or of the perfect cord- would be if it worked it colorful, so pure-. Of course we will be careful-if not in case of emergency-even the moon phase, and then to untie or let go of something or someone, to get rid of something uncomfortable or alienate those who harm us or healing rituals (to remove noise) wait for the waning moon , rituals in which the knotted rope is hidden expect new moon or full moon, in the rituals where costruimao something or we lay the foundations for a new life and a beginning or propitiatory egg will use the strength of growing.
Choosing a suitable color from the candle or white, in traditional magic candles are increasingly important part of any ritual, the fire and the air have the ability to bring in the ether in our desire and turn it into reality.

********* ****** Certain rituals

to remove a person who tries to harm you, or get rid of an uncomfortable habit or situation become a subsidy-driven heavy rope tied the first knot by focusing on the problem, trying to channel all the emotion that you can on the node, the second node linked the situation or the person that causes the problem, in the third tied the success. You may also think that you are already distancing you from this person or this situation then is already succeeding.
When the candle has finished burning and you will be calmer melt all the nodes in the order in which you made them or burn the rope. then throw the nets in nature.
For a rite or spell you can do the same with your desire or use the ancient ritual of 9 or 7 knots. remeberi that the node represents our desire
The nodes will be dissolved one at a time for nine- seven consecutive days, in the order with which they were linked.

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Magic bag

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Magic bag
to keep under your pillow and mattress to ward off nightmares, night visions, visits by negative beings and promote sleep, night cap and prophetic dreams. Put back into an small bag of silk or gold colored canvas or a small white chalcedony, a lavender sprigs or a white rose bud and a pure frankincense grain. close and of course the light of a past light a white candle of pure incense smoking. past the bag three times over the incense focusing purpose bag. ready!!! good night and good dreams

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