The passion flower

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The Passion flower is a beautiful healing plant, is an extraordinary remedy, much used in medicine and ancient healing technique and herbal medicine, thanks to its properties and characteristics. It possesses antispasmodic qualities, calming sedative and anxiolytic, in fact continental flavonoids, rich in phenolic acids and phytosterols.
The passion flower is the best remedy to promote soono, to soothe the irritability, the irritated bowel calm, prevenisce heart attacks, calm menstrual pains, against anxiety and panic attacks, disorders caused by emotional stress, gastrointestinal sedative.

A relaxing herbal tea you can get leaving in infusion in hot water or chamomile lemon balm and passionflower leaves for about 20 minutes, then strain and drink it all. Remember ch ele herbal teas made with lepiante not be sugary but must be sweetened with honey.

In magic, the leaves are pulverized and reduced to dust and burned as incense to encourage the state of meditation, relaxation and to help calm during healing rituals or complex magic rituals.
The passion flower is a plant linked to the moon and then to divination, to the feelings and emotional states.
To prepare a magic bath put in a bag of linen or cotton a bit of cinnamon, bergamot and Passiflorae flowers throw him in hot water.
The flowers are used as ornament and decoration but anch e to prepare the magical potpourri.

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