Nettle the little miracle

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Nettle is one of the most important plants in medicine and healing alternatives and in the magic tradition. It belongs to Urticacee.

Rich in iron and folic acid is used against anemia and arthritis and diarrhea. In fact, the folic acid contained in the abundant chlorophylline of the leaves stimulates the production of red blood cells but the nettle is also a hemostatic plant, in fact it is used against nasal and uterine hemorrhages.

The nettle has diuretic - purifying - vasocostringent properties - rich in silicon that fortifies the immune system but also minerals and vitamins and facilitates digestion and food assimilation and firm diarrhea.

Medicinal nerve is a miraculous plant because it is also one of the few plants that has the capacity to increase breast milk production.

Also used in outdoor use successfully against baldness and dandruff to make hair shiny and against eczema or rashes and acne.

How to prepare an infusion for remineralizing and purifying?

Pour the nettle into boiling water and let it infuse for 10 minutes keeping it covered.

After that you filter the infusion and throw it away from the meals by adding if you want a teaspoon of honey.

Or against biliary calculations you can boil the roots in the milk and after filtering lukewarm.

In magic there is a special place, in fact the nettle is used in fumigation against negativity and maliciousness - the root is powerful to absorb illnesses and negativity. The nettle has an important role in the protective spell for instance in the rituals of removal of unwelcome people and in the purification-

How to make a protective talismanic bag?

In a small square of green or black cloth, place 3 nettle leaves and 3 grains of pure incense then add a nettle root and close with a cord. Of course you will have loaded and energized before the magic ingredients!

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