6 of denars

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The 6 denars is a card symbolizing a man who looks like a merchant who in one hand holds a perfectly balanced balance and with the other hand gives coins to the two beggars. This is a neutral card to the right and to the reverse so we have to pay close attention to the cards that are around it because these can make or increase its meaning. The merchant looks at only one of the beggars but has the situation under control. Timing symbolizes a short, short and short action and action.

If it is a card that has two meanings. On the one hand, he invites us to prudence and to seek autonomy and not depend on aid as beggars and on the other invites us to give without pretending to receive something like the merchant, and not only in the financial sense but also in the emotional sense: to donate of heart and giving small smiles, small actions and aids, be humble and generous and modest.

The 6th money on one side shows us the abundance of the beggar who does not hold all for himself but also the poverty of beggars so charity, receiving small gifts and little money, surviving, succeeding with their own strength to overcome but can not save anything. In financial and economic terms or in designing it means small income that leaves the time they find and solves only minor momentary problems so everything that is received is little whether it is wage increases or legacies or requests for loans or state or private aid . Even in love we do not have a precise balance.

In the reverse, the 6 denars invokes us with the utmost prudence because we are going through a negative period on the material side, so conflicts, denied loans, avarice, loss of hopes, illusions, envy and jealousy. Even in love we are giving too much and receiving little and if it is to decide between two people this means two stories not too important and no definitive decision.

Number 6 symbolizes the two opposing triangles, so the balance of two opposing polar and opposing forces that can integrate together. Indicates in the seed of money that everything is static and the situation will soon evolve and the obstacles are momentary.

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